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Enterprise applications

: Do more with your databases

Databases are the marathon runners of your business. You depend on them to fuel growth, streamline operations and drive competitive advantage—on your premises, in the cloud, and across the finish line.

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Why NetApp for enterprise applications?

NetApp provides the industry’s most powerful and efficient storage and data management solutions for your enterprise apps, on your premises and in the cloud. NetApp solutions directly integrate into enterprise application workflows, enabling you to reduce system administration costs, better protect data, and accelerate access to your data anywhere.

Storage-efficient database copies and thin provisioning help reduce storage and administrative overhead by up to 90%.

And when you’re moving databases to the cloud, NetApp enterprise application specialists and solutions help you develop applications faster, reduce costs by up to 60%, and perform online backups in minutes rather than hours.

Primary use cases

NetApp understands how to help make your enterprise applications and databases work harder for you on-premises, in the cloud, or across clouds. Build your data fabric with the leading data storage solutions. You're the boss, right?

Power your mission critical applications

Your enterprise applications are the foundation of your business so you need to stay competitive. Drive new levels of business success by accelerating application response and increasing application uptime.

Accelerate develop and test

When you’re developing and testing applications, delivering maximum productivity requires instant production data copies to support developer sandboxes, increase parallel testing, and reduce test-bed preparation time from days or weeks to hours.

Secure and protect your data

Rapid recovery from failure or external threats is essential to keeping your business operational. Minimize risk by leveraging integrated data protection and security technologies to protect your data and your business and get back online rapidly.

Comply with regulations

Knowing the kind of data you store, where it is stored, and about whom, is now an integral part of data management. Dramatically simplify data stewardship, monitoring and reporting across structured and unstructured data, in the cloud or on-premises.
GigaOm ranks NetApp #1

NetApp “sets the bar high for the industry”

In 2022, premier analyst GigaOm recognized NetApp as the clear leader in cloud file storage—again.

Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise applications are the lifeblood of organizations. Don’t risk performance, security, and reliable data delivery to just anyone. NetApp’s enterprise solutions are second to none.

Oracle and NetApp, a true dynamic duo

NetApp® technology is simply the best-in-class storage and data management solution for Oracle. By modernizing Oracle environments with a higher level of cloud integration, performance, and resilience, NetApp helps you grow your business, make actionable decisions faster, and deliver a more consistent user experience.

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SAP and NetApp, oh-so-tight integration defined

NetApp® solutions for SAP help you streamline and accelerate SAP lifecycle management, simplify the backup and recovery of SAP databases, and build a simple and repeatable disaster recovery plan. In addition, NetApp Cloud Services for SAP help you accelerate projects, simplify operations, and move to the cloud faster.

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NetApp and Microsoft (MSFT) SQL Server: Dynamic content delivery challenges solved 

NetApp and Microsoft (MSFT) SQL Server together provide rapid, simplified backup, restore, and clone lifecycle management—integrated into SQL Server workflows. With NetApp you can increase performance and availability while reducing testing and development time. We offer built-in data protection and enable you to safeguard and access your data anywhere. NetApp unifies data services on premises and across the world’s biggest clouds, Microsoft, Google or AWS. So you can start anywhere and go anywhere as fast as your business needs. Done, done, and done.

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AFF A-Series

Built in performance, security and cloud integration. AFF A900 Enterprise Edition provides the ultimate solution for all of your business- critical application needs.

NetApp Keystone: Lower the risk, increase the liberation

NetApp® Keystone provides flexible pay-as-you-go cloud consumption models whether you build or buy, on your premises or in the public cloud. And always on your own terms.

Related solutions

Make your data work smarter, not harder

The right solutions make your data life easier and push your company to the forefront in innovation. Start getting more from your data management with complementary solutions from NetApp.

Build a unified hybrid cloud

Modernize your infrastructure and get a consistent operating model so you can flex and scale anywhere your apps and data need to be.  

Data protection meets data performance

Say goodbye to backup windows and hello to application performance. Detect cyber threats early, and recover quickly from attacks. Simplify management with NetApp tools or integrate with leading backup partners.

Be prepared today for tomorrow's technology challenges

Accelerate your responses to business requests by having the ability to access your data whenever and wherever its needed. NetApp makes it possible with leading-edge data management solutions. 

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Make your move

There couldn’t be a better time than right now for your digital transformation. And the smartest move you can make is to join forces with NetApp today.

Trials and test drives

Explore your options for easily and seamlessly getting started with NetApp today.

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