Enterprise application solutions: How databases do more

Databases are the marathon runners of your business. We help them speed application development, improve software quality, reduce business risk, and shrink costs—on your premises, in the cloud, and across the finish line.

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Why NetApp for enterprise applications?

NetApp® technology gives you the ability to establish parallel processes, increase the quantity of testing on a project, and drive application quality higher.

Storage-efficient database copies and thin provisioning help reduce storage and administrative overhead by up to 90%.

And when you’re moving databases to the cloud, NetApp solutions help you develop applications faster, reduce costs by up to 60%, and perform online backups in minutes rather than hours.

Primary use cases

Whether you’re developing and testing applications in the data center, moving application databases to the cloud, or both, NetApp understands how to help make Oracle, SAP, Microsoft (MSFT) SQL Server, and other enterprise applications work harder for you. You're the boss, right?

Application development and testing

When you’re developing and testing applications, delivering maximum productivity requires instant production data copies to reduce test-bed preparation time from weeks or days to hours. 

Run databases in the cloud

Moving application databases to the cloud only makes sense if they are able to benefit from low latency, high IOPs, and high throughput storage to deliver the right application performance.

Cloud availability and durability

Redundancy and high availability configurations protect against device failures, while service failures and other unplanned events require the best data protection available.

Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise applications, especially as they migrate to the cloud, are the lifeblood of organizations. Don’t risk performance, security, and reliable data delivery to just anyone. NetApp’s enterprise solutions are second to none.

Oracle and NetApp, a true dynamic duo

NetApp® technology is simply the best-in-class storage and data management solution for Oracle. By modernizing Oracle environments with a higher level of cloud integration, performance, and resilience, NetApp helps you grow your business, make actionable decisions faster, and deliver a more consistent user experience.

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SAP and NetApp, oh-so-tight integration defined

NetApp® solutions for SAP help you streamline and accelerate SAP lifecycle management, simplify the backup and recovery of SAP databases, and build a simple and repeatable disaster recovery plan. In addition, NetApp Cloud Services for SAP help you accelerate projects, simplify operations, and move to the cloud faster.

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NetApp and Microsoft (MSFT) SQL Server: Dynamic content delivery challenges solved 

NetApp and Microsoft (MSFT) SQL Server integrated solutions reduce the complexity of your IT environment to help you develop and deploy applications faster than ever, actualize Microsoft (MSFT) SQL Server databases in the cloud, and recover lost data in mere seconds. Done, done, and done.

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This assessment tool is your personal NetApp concierge

From storage and services to the world’s most cutting-edge cloud solutions, NetApp can simplify your life and amplify your performance. Answer a few simple questions to get the solutions your business demands. Wouldn’t it be nice if everything in life was this easy?

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NetApp Keystone: Lower the risk, increase the liberation

NetApp® Keystone provides flexible pay-as-you-go cloud consumption models whether you build or buy, on your premises or in the public cloud. And always on your own terms.

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