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DevOps solutions: Peace, love, and productivity

Prepare to witness never-before-seen collaboration between Dev and Ops. Our solutions remove friction to help maximize developer productivity, reduce time to market, and improve customer satisfaction.

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Why NetApp for DevOps?

Why NetApp for DevOps?

DevOps is the therapy that typical application development always needed. Instead of siloed, self-serving functions, software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops) work together with end-to-end responsibility from concept through production.

NetApp helps you enable a consistent, seamless DevOps experience on your premises and in private and public clouds. That means operations can deliver automated infrastructure with less engineering, and developers can create in reliable and predictable environments with less friction and more speed.

Astra makes your Kubernetes ready for data—and we’re leading the way

Believe everything you’ve heard. We’ve unlocked the power of Kubernetes to accelerate developer agility, drive business productivity, and enhance IT operational efficiencies. Announcing NetApp® Astra—the best way to manage Kubernetes application lifecycle in any cloud and take your data with you.

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Primary use cases

Putting a DevOps strategy in place makes sense if your business is interested in decreasing time to market, raising customer satisfaction, boosting productivity, and increasing team collaboration.

Everything as code 

End the tyranny of ticket-based infrastructure deployment and put your developers in control with self-service access, automation, and configuration management.

DevOps pipeline 

Your developers can iterate faster with automated, on-demand provisioning, development, testing, and deployment. 

Changing demands

Constantly changing customer needs require developers to innovate relentlessly to evolve with demand and bring new services to market faster.

DevOps solutions

NetApp® DevOps solutions enable a consistent, seamless experience across your hybrid multi-cloud environment to help accelerate app development while streamlining your pipeline with cloud native DevOps technologies.

Self-service enterprise container solutions

Confidently deliver your containerized apps and workloads on your premises and in the cloud. Deploy NetApp® Trident to efficiently orchestrate, provision, and deprovision persistent volumes in Kubernetes. Improve DevOps workflows using Trident with popular container platforms like Kubernetes, OpenShift, Docker EE, and Rancher.

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Configuration management, minus the pain

We believe that configuring your infrastructure should be as easy as it is painless. By integrating with configuration and resource management tools, including Ansible and Puppet, NetApp frees your operations team from time-consuming coding and quality assurance. See, that didn’t hurt a bit.

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Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery

Your infrastructure. Seamlessly integrated. Successfully implement Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery allowing your organization to test and release software reliably at any time.

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Turning security communications into customer insights

“As we continue maturing our automation story, NetApp will help us take advantage of hybrid cloud efficiencies while ensuring a seamless experience for our developers.”

Jeff Spahr Infrastructure Architect, Bandwidth

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Creating true hybrid cloud services for DevOps

“NetApp allows us to be very, very seamless from a foundational perspective. If you're an application developer leveraging DevOps, it's no longer I want it in the cloud or I want it on-prem."

Petar Bojovic Director of IT Infrastructure

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Improve data quality, performance, and cloud integration

“The stability within NetApp is allowing us to focus the business on how we expand into the cloud.”

Colin Mariner VP Data Center Operations

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Why DevOps, and why now? 

For 2020 and beyond, digital transformation will remain an imperative for all CIOs. Success begins and ends with how fast you can deliver better, more personal customer experiences, new software-based products and services, and streamlined operations. Learn how to accelerate your digital transformation journey. 

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NetApp Keystone: Lower the risk, increase the liberation

NetApp® KeystoneTM provides flexible pay-as-you-go cloud consumption models whether you build or buy, on your premises or in the public cloud. And always on your own terms.

We’ve saved your seat for a NetApp DevOps master class

Join DevOps experts to learn the tools and skills you need to build, test, and deploy your applications faster. Free classes cover a broad range of topics, including NetApp® Trident, Ansible Modules, Kubernetes, infrastructure as code, and containers.

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Related solutions

Make your data work smarter, not harder

The right solutions make your data life easier and push your company to the forefront in innovation. Start getting more from your data management with complementary solutions from NetApp.

Unleash the full potential of your cloud

Simplify cloud management systems; improve speed, efficiency, and flexibility across all the major hyperscalers. Do it all with data management from NetApp's cloud services. 

Data protection meets data performance

Say goodbye to backup windows and hello to application performance. Detect cyber threats early, and recover quickly from attacks. Simplify management with NetApp tools or integrate with leading backup partners.

Optimize your data pipelines with AI

As the data authority on hybrid cloud, NetApp® delivers AI solutions that remove bottlenecks at the edge, core, and cloud to enable more efficient data collection, accelerated AI workloads, and smoother cloud integration.

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Make your move

There couldn’t be a better time than right now for your digital transformation. And the smartest move you can make is to join forces with NetApp today.

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No matter what solutions, products, or services you’re interested in, we’d love to talk. 

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NetApp Keystone

The NetApp Keystone portfolio provides flexible cloud consumption models whether you build or buy, on-premises or in the public cloud.

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