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Digital Operational Resilience Act

What does DORA mean for your organization?

What is DORA?

The Digital Operational Resilience Act, or DORA, is a new set of regulatory standards for managing cyber resilience concerns in the European Union financial sector. DORA impacts:

  • Financial entities operating in the EU
  • Third-party ICT service providers


Did you know?

Consequences of noncompliance can be 1% of average daily worldwide turnover

Top concerns

    • 53%

    • Data breaches

    • 50%

    • Ransomware

    • 35%

    • Cloud technology platform failures*

Are you DORA ready?

Take our quick assessment and see how ready you are.

Begin your journey to DORA compliance

Meeting DORA requirements doesn’t need to feel daunting. Let our DORA experts lead the way.

Adam Gale
Adam Gale

Executive Architect
EMEA/LATAM Consulting

Steve Rackham
Steve Rackham

CTO for Financial Services

Peter Dean
Peter Dean

Vertical Lead, Financial Services Industry
Worldwide Industry Solutions

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