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Get ready for DORA

The Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) comes into effect in January 2025. How prepared are you?

What is DORA?

The Digital Operational Resilience Act, or DORA, is a new set of regulatory standards for managing cyber resilience concerns in the European Union financial sector. DORA impacts:

  • Financial entities operating in the EU
  • Third-party ICT service providers


Did you know?

Consequences of noncompliance can be 1% of average daily worldwide turnover

Top concerns

    • 53%

    • Data breaches

    • 50%

    • Ransomware

    • 35%

    • Cloud technology platform failures*

Are you DORA ready?

Take our quick assessment and see how ready you are.

Meet DORA requirements with NetApp

The grace period for noncompliance ends in Jan 2025, which means the time to start building a DORA-compliant environment is now. Discover how NetApp can help meet five specific articles established in DORA guidelines.

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Gain full data visibility and control

Under DORA Article 25, financial entities must plan for a multicloud strategy and data repatriation to mitigate risks of overconsolidation and reliance on single providers. We’re the only provider with the tools to meet these demands.

NetApp Cloud Volumes gives you the ability to create, replicate, and classify any data in the cloud, all from a single console.

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Protect and prevent data leakage

DORA’s Article 8 establishes new standards for keeping data protected in transit and at rest, including requirements to prevent data from being corrupted by unauthorized access, leakage, and poor administration. We help you get a full view of where your data is stored, how it is protected, and who can access it.

NetApp Cloud Data Sense enables you to tighten security while still getting the right data to the right people.

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Detect early with regular testing

DORA Article 9 states entities must have multi-layer mechanisms in place to detect anomalous activities, including alert thresholds and automated incident responses. Our solutions enable fast anomaly detection for a more proactive response.

NetApp ONTAP uses machine learning capabilities to continuously analyze workloads and prevent ransomware attacks.

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Respond and recover quickly

Under Article 10 of DORA, entities must have a dedicated and comprehensive ICT business continuity plan, including incident reporting, containment measures, and a communication plan. Our industry-leading response and recovery solutions position you to respond and recover quickly from any ransomware attack.

NetApp Snapshot copies provide point-in-time, read-only images of your data, preventing attackers from encrypting and locking your critical information.

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Backup without risk of reinfection

DORA’s Article 11 provides detailed instructions on backup policies and recovery methods, including dedicated clean rooms where data can be restored without risk of reinfection. Our suite of backup and recovery solutions enables fast recovery while preventing unauthorized access or corruption.

NetApp SnapLock Compliance prevents your Snapshot copies from being tampered with and eliminates the need for physical separation between primary and secondary data with air gap copies.

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Begin your journey to DORA compliance

Meeting DORA requirements doesn’t need to feel daunting. Let our DORA experts lead the way.

Adam Gale
Adam Gale

Executive Architect
EMEA/LATAM Consulting

Steve Rackham
Steve Rackham

CTO for Financial Services

Peter Dean
Peter Dean

Vertical Lead, Financial Services Industry
Worldwide Industry Solutions

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