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Sustainable technology. Better technology.

Build a greener future with smarter, sustainable technology with NetApp. Meticulous energy management and sustainable innovations contribute to a net-positive impact on the environment—and your bottom line.

Sustainability begins with an intelligent data infrastructure

Become more sustainable with analytics, data stewardship, optimization, cloud use, and hardware innovation built on NetApp® technology.

Eliminate data waste

It’s estimated that 68% of data stored is inactive.Rethink data,” IDC and Seagate Technology, July 2020.  Identify and address unused dark data. Store only the data you need in the most carbon-efficient location.

Sustainability and the racing revolution

Our customers are actively reducing energy consumption NetApp sustainability tracker,” NetApp, June 2023.

    • Capacity saved (TiB)
    • kWh Energy saved
    • Tons of carbon emissions averted

Embrace sustainability

Adopt sustainable strategies. By optimizing energy use, reducing carbon emissions, and prioritizing data efficiency, the whole world benefits. Join NetApp and our partners in committing to positive change. 

ESG research report: The state of sustainability and IT

New report shows how sustainability has impacted operations, purchasing, and AI.

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IDC: NetApp offers sophisticated sustainability options

“NetApp is one step ahead and makes available storage solutions that support customers with their ESG strategies.”

Angela Salmeron, Research Director, IDC

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451 Research: Storage efficiency sways decision-making

ESG goals significantly influence storage purchase decisions, driving greater adoption of all-flash storage systems and cloud services.

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Sustainable Solutions

We’re taking bold actions to run our business sustainably

NetApp is committed to building a more sustainable future by reducing our global operational carbon footprint. We’ve set ambitious yet attainable decarbonization targets, we’re using renewable energy whenever possible, and our dedication extends to every product we design.

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