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Video Surveillance Storage solutions: Capacity, speed, durability

200 cameras? 200,000? No problemo. NetApp® Video Surveillance Storage (VSS) solutions let you retrieve content in a heartbeat, deliver greater than 99.999% availability, and scale without disruption.

Why NetApp for video surveillance storage?

Fast, reliable, cost-effective surveillance storage

Driven by our rock-solid NetApp® E-Series storage system, NetApp® Video Surveillance Storage (VSS) solutions help you easily solve the challenges of increased surveillance-data throughput, retention, and retrieval. 

No matter what industry you’re in, losing access to your content is unacceptable, which is why VSS solutions are built on a fault-tolerant design to deliver greater than 99.999% availability.

And VSS is ready to grow with your needs. Not only did we design the solutions to scale transparently, all components are hot-swappable, so you can upgrade them as necessary without disruption.

Fast and reliable

NetApp Video Surveillance Storage (VSS) solutions allow you to access and retrieve your content in a heartbeat—whether you have 200 or 200,000 cameras. VSS solutions can reliably manage tens-of-petabytes worth of video data.

Never lose access

We built NetApp VSS solutions on a fault-tolerant design to deliver greater than 99.999% availability. With no single point of failure, it provides outstanding resiliency—proven by more than 1 million systems in the field.

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Get the speed you need

Gain high density and high performance in the same small footprint. Without compromise. It’s taken more than 30 years of engineering refinement and system hardening to produce our validated architecture.

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Deploy and support VSS with ease

You don’t need serious IT skills to install and support NetApp systems. Our enterprise alliance architecture, with its “call-home” support capabilities, is much easier to support than complex, scale-out file-system storage deployments.

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Scale without limits

Growing from 200 video cameras to 200,000? Not a problem. We designed our VSS solutions to scale transparently. And all components are hot-swappable, so you can upgrade them as necessary without disruption

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Lower your cost of ownership

Our customers confirm that NetApp video-storage systems are 18–22% more cost effective over a 3-year lifecycle than any other platform they’ve installed. If your video is mission-critical, but complicated to back up, count on our affordable E-Series to do the job. More than 1 million installations stand behind it.

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Industry use cases

See how NetApp's security helps each industry

SAN versus NAS for Video Surveillance Storage

Did you know that NAS (file) storage systems can put your security video at risk? Find out why NetApp E-Series SAN (block) storage is more secure, easier to manage, more reliable, and more cost-effective than scale-out NAS file systems.

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Key Partnerships

axxon experience the next logo

AxxonSoft is a leading developer of Video Management and Physical Security Information Management software.

axis communications logo with triangle and different colors

Axis network-video products are installed in public places and areas around the world.

Bosch Logo

Bosch provides seamless management of digital video, audio, and data across an IP network.

genetec Logo

Genetec provides IP video surveillance, access control, and license-plate–recognition solutions.

Ipsotek Logo

Ipsotek is a world leader in scenario-based video analytics across a wide range of applications.

milestone systems logo
Milestone Systems

Milestone Systems is a global leader in IP video-management software and surveillance solutions.

Qognify logo

The OnSSI (now Qognify) and NetApp partnership lets customers achieve the most extensive video-surveillance deployments available.

unicom global pulling IT all together logo

UNICOM Global is a leading provider of global integrated solutions, applying intelligent analytics to video data for the private and public sector.

Tufts University

The university used NetApp E-Series to expand video security across multiple campuses and improve student safety.

Tufts University logo

Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA)

Building smarter transportation solutions with enhanced video security.

Cota Logo


Turning security video into customer insights.

unicom logo

NetApp uses video analytics to drive digital transformation

NetApp is transforming its video surveillance infrastructure, combining its own E-Series video surveillance storage solution with Axis cameras and the Milestone video management system to improve physical security and drive operational efficiencies.

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Make your move

There couldn’t be a better time than right now for your digital transformation. And the smartest move you can make is to join forces with NetApp today.

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