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NetApp on NetApp

NetApp IT’s experience as a Data Thriver
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NetApp on NetApp

How NetApp uses its own products to simplify, automate, and cloudify the NetApp enterprise

NetApp IT is making meaningful changes to move from traditional IT infrastructure toward next generation data centers. The leadership within the organization has focused on building a cloud-aware enterprise by dramatically downsizing traditional data centers in favor of a much more flexible, agile and efficient hybrid cloud. In addition to the use cases listed here, you can learn more about this strategy via our newly published Building A Cloud Aware Enterprise ebooks.

NetApp utilizes its own technology to run its enterprise IT shop with increased productivity, performance, uptime, and a variety of other desirable characteristics… We bring information technology and real-world experiences to the table, which allow us to share the true flavor of what it takes to run the technology as an integrated solution, as well as to discuss the benefits gained.

Bill Miller NetApp SVP and CIO

Like most enterprises, NetApp is constantly challenged on where to focus their investment and time. NetApp uses its own technology to simplify, automate, and cloudify their operations worldwide.

For even more case studies, visit to see the full collection, along with the latest perspectives from NetApp’s IT practitioners in the form of blogs, infographics, and more.

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Get to know what NetApp customers already know: Right now, the smart move is a digital transformation made possible by a data fabric.

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