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Capturing, protecting, sharing and utilizing medical records throughout a person's life is a monumental task. The stakes couldn't be higher. A hospital system in India has consolidated on NetApp storage technologies and Azure, letting medical professionals focus on what they do best: care.

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Narayana Health

Rapid growth through coordinated care

Narayana Health has earned a leadership role in the transformation of the delivery of care throughout India. Since its founding in Bangalore less than 20 years ago, Narayana Health has grown to 22 hospitals and clinics, with a complementary emphasis on care that is both affordable and high quality.

A reliable and responsive IT infrastructure is crucial to fulfilling those goals. Ramu Manjunath, core infrastructure head for Narayana Health, is tasked with keeping a complex applications and data network infrastructure up and running. He and his staff of 90 engineers depend on a broad range of NetApp technologies to deliver innovative care.

Storing data on NetApp is much faster compared to other products and has the right management approach as well. It’s simpler and easier for our engineers to configure and manage.

Ramu Manjunath, Core Infrastructure Head, Narayana Health

Azure cloud provides limitless possibilities

A NetApp E-Series E5700 offers centralized record management data support, and 15 NetApp FAS2750 units support branch locations. NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP® provides management of storage. Two fully replicated data centers, one in central India and one in south India, are in Azure cloud running backup and recovery using Azure NetApp Files and NetApp file services.

With built-in redundancies, connectivity with a clinic in the Cayman Islands using AWS, remote partner access, and the need to support 17,000 connected employees and 6,000 endpoints, Manjunath depends on NetApp for application and storage performance and reliability.

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2.6 million patients served annually

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