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Kantonsspital Winterthur digitizes clinic processes

Kantonsspital Winterthur (KSW) is one of the largest hospitals in Switzerland. It delivers primary clinical care in the greater Winterthur area and has developed into a super-regional central hospital. 

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NetApp ONTAP solutions support patient care processes 

KSW processes, from patient admission to discharge, are becoming ever more digital and interconnected. Data must be available faster, and it must be secured and protected from cyberattacks.

With NetApp, KSW has set up an infrastructure that blends performance with security and paves the way for a data fabric with a direct link to the cloud.

Stability, Snapshot technology, and flawless integration with the Microsoft world are NetApp strengths. And with NetApp, we keep the option of a data fabric open so that we can move data directly to the cloud one day.

Roger Schwegler, Server and Storage Specialist, Kantonsspital Winterthur

On the way to cloud

Until KSW is cloud-first, there will be more consolidation of on-premises data. Flash storage and ONTAP efficiency have made it possible to replace file servers with local disks. Several medical applications, such as eye tomography (Pentacam), now connect to the NetApp infrastructure and its automated data protection routines. More Windows and Unix workloads from the departments can migrate easily as needed.

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270,000 patient cases accessed annually

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