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Econocom Nexica embraces the hybrid cloud and enhances its offerings

In recent years, the cloud world has become multicloud, posing a new challenge: hybridization. As Econocom Nexica's CEO highlights, "Hybridization implies the possibility of making it possible for two or more clouds to work in a coordinated manner for the same client, giving them, at each moment, the best services, with the objective of working together and efficiently within a well-orchestrated system."

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Enhancing supply

Virtualized infrastructure is the essence of Econocom Nexica's business and offer because it is the way to satisfy some of the main needs of customers, such as speed of provision, flexibility in use, and cost-efficiency, the basis of Nexica's business, commercial and operational model.

At a time when hybridization in the cloud is almost a must, NetApp’s strategy is a clear reference.

Damián Pascual Boixader, General Manager of Econocom Nexica

Pioneer in cloud adoption.

The Econocom Nexica infrastructure delivers performance that meets the requirements of its critical business operations. The company can provision new services immediately, without having to wait for purchases or investments, and offers great flexibility in a pay-per-use model for resources.

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