NetApp trademarks

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The following is a non-exhaustive list of NetApp’s trademarks.

For more information about how to use NetApp’s trademarks, refer to Guidelines for Using NetApp Trademarks, or contact us.

The absence from this list of a trademark, service mark, product name, service name, logo, or other designation used by NetApp in connection with its products and services does not constitute a waiver of NetApp’s trademark or other intellectual property rights concerning that designation.

NetApp Trademarks

Active IQ® digital advisor

AltaVaultTM appliance

Arch Design®


AutoSupport® telemetry service

Cloud ONTAP® solution

CloudCheckr® total visibility cloud management platform

Clustered Data ONTAP® operating system

CMx® total visibility cloud management platform

Data ONTAP® software

Element® software

FlexArray® virtualization software

FlexCache® technology

FlexClone® volume

FlexPod® platform

FlexVol® volume

Fylamynt® comprehensive incident response platform

Helix Design®

Manage ONTAP® software development kit


MultiStore® software

NetApp Data ExplorersTM program

NetApp Insight® event

NetApp® company

NetApp Keystone® offering

OnCommand® data management software

ONTAP® software

RAID DP® protection

RAID-TECTM protection

SANscreen® software

SANtricity® software

SecureShare® cross-protocol locking technology

Simulate ONTAP® simulator

Snap Creator® framework

SnapCenter® software

SnapCopyTM software

SnapDiff® software

SnapDrive® software

SnapLock® software

SnapManager® software

SnapMirror® unified replication

SnapMover® software

SnapProtect® software

SnapRestore® software

SnapshotTM copy

SnapValidator® software

SnapVault® backup

SolidFire Helix® data protection

SolidFire® cloud storage

StorageGRID® solutions

SyncMirror® replication service, or software

Tech OnTap® podcast, or newsletter

Trident DesignTM

Trident black and white logo

TridentTM software

WAFL® file system

Updated April 13, 2022.

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