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AFF C-Series creates a new entry point for scalable AI with ONTAP AI

INSIGHT AFF C series nvidia basepod device with NetApp logo

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Mackinnon Giddings
Mackinnon Giddings

The demand for scalable artificial intelligence (AI) solutions is skyrocketing in today’s fast-paced technological landscape.  However, building and managing AI infrastructure can be complex and costly, posing significant challenges for technology teams.  Enter the NetApp® AFF C-Series arrays, now integrated with NetApp ONTAP® AI offering an exceptional price-to-performance ratio. This blog delves into how the AFF C-Series enables cost-effective and scalable AI deployments with ONTAP AI powered by NVIDIA DGX BasePOD.

Simplifying AI solutions

NetApp understands the burden that technology teams face when they design and implement AI solutions. That’s why we were pioneers in providing blueprints and turnkey solutions. By leveraging the AI-proven architecture built on NVIDIA DGX BasePOD and NetApp’s cloud-connected all-flash storage, ONTAP AI simplifies the data pipeline. This makes data flow reliable and accelerates analytics, training, and inference processes. From edge to core to cloud, the ONTAP AI solution eliminates the guesswork and complexity associated with AI deployments.

Lowering the cost barrier

NetApp is committed to pushing the envelope on price to performance, making high-performing and scalable AI solutions more accessible. The AFF C-Series arrays offer sustainable, scalable, and secure solutions that are ideal for both tier 1 and tier 2 applications. With its capacity, flash performance, and affordable pricing, the C-Series eliminates the need for compromises. Organizations can seamlessly build and manage flash-driven data pipelines across their entire infrastructure, from edge to core to cloud, without breaking the bank.

Start small, scale big

Flexibility is crucial in AI deployments, and we understand this well. The AFF C-Series allows you to start small and scale as needed. Optional tools like NetApp BlueXP empower data science teams to monitor and control their data environment on site and across multiple clouds. This streamlined approach enables faster deployment, reducing the time required from months to days. Moreover, this efficiency comes at a lower cost, allowing organizations to achieve their AI goals without straining their budgets.

Uncompromising performance

The NetApp AFF C-Series enables enterprise-grade AI use cases without compromising performance. Well-suited for use cases such as bringing cloud-native AI on premises, establishing an AI Center of Excellence, or investing in secure AI infrastructure for the first time, the C-Series delivers exceptional, affordable performance. With the AFF C-Series, organizations can confidently embark on their AI journey, knowing they have the tools to succeed.

The AFF C-Series, integrated within ONTAP AI, revolutionizes the world of scalable AI solutions. By offering a competitive price-to-performance ratio, simplified deployment, and uncompromising performance, the C-Series provides a cost-effective way for organizations to harness the full potential of AI. For small teams starting out and established enterprises alike, the C-Series provides the foundation for scalable, enterprise-grade AI deployments. With NetApp, you don’t have to compromise performance for price. So, unleash the power of AI with the NetApp AFF C-Series and ONTAP AI powered by NVIDIA DGX BasePOD today!

To learn more about NetApp’s AI solutions, visit the NetApp AI webpage.

Mackinnon Giddings

Mackinnon joined NetApp and the Solutions Marketing team in 2020. In her time, she has focused on Enterprise Applications and Virtualization, but uncovered a passion in Artificial Intelligence and Analytics. In her current role as a Marketing Specialist, Mackinnon strives to push messaging and solutions that focus on the intersection of authentic human experience and innovative technology. With a background that spans industries like Software Development, Fashion, and small business operations, Mackinnon approaches AI topics with a fresh, outsider perspective. Mackinnon holds a Masters of Business Administration from the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado, Boulder. She continues to live in Colorado with an often sleeping greyhound and a growing collection of empty Margaux bottles.

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