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GigaOm names NetApp a leader for Unstructured Data Management – AGAIN!

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Darnell Fatigati
Darnell Fatigati

GigaOm Radars for Unstructured Data Management (both the infrastructure-focused and the business-focused reports) released earlier this year, advise IT leaders that careful planning and execution are required for their priority IT initiatives. Those top IT goals include cost reduction, cloud migration, regulatory compliance, and cyber resilience. We’ve all seen and heard about the failures of these kinds of initiatives. Cloud-first projects that stalled or became too costly. Manual compliance projects that still resulted in fines (or civil action) for failure to govern personally identifiable information (PII) appropriately. Ransomware attacks that occur all too often.

So, how do you avoid failure? It starts with knowing your data. It’s understanding exactly what kind of data you have, where it is, and who can access it. It’s gaining insight into your data so that you can focus your efforts and take the most appropriate action to protect and to control data now and in the future, with little effort. The ability to analyze and to classify your data is an essential prerequisite to doing so many things with that data. Accurate analysis and classification enable you to clean data to reduce costs—by getting rid of redundant, obsolete, or trivial data. You can efficiently migrate only the data that you need or that is allowed to move to the cloud. And you can protect your most important data from internal and external threats, also maintaining internal policy and regulatory compliance.

Unstructured data management solutions are on the rise

The reality is that it’s a lot less expensive to build and to execute a data management strategy than to fail in your top IT initiatives. That’s why so many organizations are adopting unstructured data management solutions that are quick and easy to implement and that can deliver tangible results fast, like the ones that the GigaOm Radars evaluated. These solutions help organizations like yours minimize risks and make better use of their data to exploit business opportunities.

NetApp’s “enviable” capabilities in unstructured data management

We are so proud to announce that GigaOm recognized NetApp® BlueXP classification (formerly NetApp Cloud Data Sense) as a leader and outperformer in unstructured data management for the second year in a row. This service excels for both:

  • Business-focused requirements—helping to solve business-related problems, including compliance, security, data governance, big data analytics, and e-discovery
  • Infrastructure-focused requirements—targeting data management at the infrastructure level and metadata, including automatic tiering and basic information lifecycle management, data copy management, analytics, indexing, and search

Sitting in the “Innovation–Platform Play” area of both Radars, NetApp BlueXP classification is lauded for its “enviable business-oriented capabilities such as data classification and compliance.”

BlueXP classification also scores high in the areas that matter most to customers like you: manageability and ease of use, flexibility, and scalability. In fact, BlueXP classification is specifically commended for its comprehensive data source support and the simplified usability that comes from its integration into the BlueXP software-as-a-service (SaaS) control plane. That integration also extends the service with advanced data mobility features, like seamless data movement across a hybrid multicloud. GigaOm also notes the service’s ability to automate actions based on policies, so you can put data governance on autopilot and achieve results with less manual effort.

Get your free copy of the infrastructure-focused GigaOm Radar report to see how BlueXP classification can excel at helping you achieve your IT initiative priorities!


Darnell Fatigati

Darnell Fatigati is a senior product marketing manager for NetApp’s Cloud Data Services with over 20 years of experience in technology, IT services, and telecom. Her focus is helping customers understand how to gain visibility and insight into their data so they can optimize their IT infrastructure, efficiently migrate to the cloud, maintain regulatory compliance, and enhance their cybersecurity posture.

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