Go from enterprise-grade to enterprise-great

NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP optimizes AWS for enterprise companies so they can do more on the cloud: Meet cloud mandates like primary file storage for SaaS applications, perform lift-and-shift data migrations, enjoy enterprise-grade file sharing and disaster recovery, optimize cloud workloads.

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Get everything you need from your data

Get consistent performance and high availability with capacity efficiencies from a unified block and file storage service for SaaS applications, hybrid cloud workloads, enterprise-grade file sharing and persistent file storage for containers.

Migrating made easier

Bring more enterprise-scale workloads and mission-critical applications to AWS while optimizing cost, time and latency – without rearchitecting.

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Run file shares on AWS

Build, run and scale Linux and Windows shared file storage for business apps and address storage-heavy workloads with multiprotocol support.

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90% cost savings

Let applications drive your infrastructure while saving you money. Optimize your cloud storage costs while enhancing data protection.

Let applications drive your infrastructure

Ironclad disaster recovery

AWS allows users to control the building blocks to create appropriate disaster recovery solutions. Cloud Volumes ONTAP offers a faster solution for disaster recovery on AWS.

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Join the file storage renaissance

File storage has changed for the better, and it's easier than ever to migrate Linux and Windows applications to AWS while reducing costs.

Enterprise reliability, cloud flexibility, financial sensibility

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Our partnership with NetApp has allowed us to have a single provider for our storage needs, whether its billions of small files that we house for our customers with their customer data, or our fast discs for our virtual machines, or containerizing our applications for developers.

Patrick Mulcahy, Vice President of Global Cloud Services, Hyland Software

Hyland Software

Unlock the best of AWS

Moving tier 1 file apps to the cloud can be a challenge. NetApp has more than eight years of experience migrating data to AWS and is consistently recognized as an industry leader for block and file storage, according to Gartner and IDC

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Discover new savings with AWS

This webinar series gives you the tools to calculate your cost savings on AWS, access to Cloud Volumes ONTAP from multiple VPCs, and learn how other businesses are thriving with Cloud Volumes ONTAP.

Arc’teryx + NetApp

Scaling to meet global demands, Arc’teryx transitions to a hybrid cloud environment with NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP.

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I’m excited that we can leverage NetApp as a partner because they’re the experts in the technology of storage and synchronization, block-level storage, and Amazon Web Services as a way to create opportunities for growth.

Noah Brunn, Infrastructure Manager, Arc’teryx

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Try Cloud Volumes ONTAP for free

Optimize your cloud storage consumption and costs while enhancing data protection, durability and compliance with NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP for AWS. Give it a whirl and incur no software charges for any trial under 500GB.