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Get the IDC report on AI storage infrastructure

Storage infrastructure considerations for AI and DL training workloads in enterprises

AI applications are growing at an unprecedented rate, making it increasingly important to invest in enterprise-class storage infrastructure that has the capabilities AI requires.

In this IDC report, you’ll learn about:

  • What to consider for your AI storage training infrastructure

  • Enterprise deployment models

  • When scaling beyond NFS is required

  • Solutions for AI-driven workloads

Here’s a sneak preview of some of the insights:

“The more AI data pipeline stages can be consolidated onto a single storage platform, the better, and when that platform has the performance and scalability to support additional workloads beyond AI, enterprises can reap a great return on investment.”

“NetApp has really distinguished itself with its ability to partner with the hyperscalers to deliver first-party storage services offerings.”

“At the heart of AIPod are NVIDIA DGX compute systems, a fully integrated hardware and software turnkey AI platform that's purpose built for analytics, AI training, and AI inferencing.”

“Enterprises in the process of adding and/or scaling AI-driven workloads would do well to consider NetApp as the storage platform for these environments.”

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