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 NetApp Certified Data Administrator, ONTAP

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Pass the NetApp Certified Data Administrator, ONTAP exam to stay ahead of the technology curve. Those that achieve this certification have validation of knowledge, skills, and ability required to administer NetApp ONTAP solutions.

The exam tests a candidate’s ability to administer NetApp ONTAP solutions.

Candidates should have six to twelve months of experience with NetApp ONTAP solutions including configuration, storage administration, and data management

You should have:

  • Fundamental knowledge of network concepts
  • Fundamental knowledge of cloud concepts
  • Fundamental knowledge of virtualization concepts
  • Fundamental knowledge of SAN/NAS concepts
  • Knowledge of host OS (e.g., Windows, Linux)
  • Fundamental knowledge of NetApp ONTAP concepts and related technologies
  • Fundamental knowledge of data protection
  • Knowledge of High Availability concepts

What you will be tested on

Domain 1. Storage Platforms

  • Physical storage systems
  • Software-defined on-premises or cloud storage systems
  • Upgrading or scaling ONTAP clusters

Domain 2. Core ONTAP

  • ONTAP system management
  • High availability concepts
  • Storage Virtual Machine management

Domain 3. ONTAP Storage

  • Logical storage features
  • NetApp storage efficiency features

Domain 4. Networking

  • Network components
  • Troubleshoot network components

Domain 5. Storage Protocols and Connectivity

  • SAN solutions
  • Troubleshoot SAN solutions
  • NAS solutions
  • Troubleshoot NAS solutions
  • ONTAP S3 solutions

Domain 6. Data Protection

  • ONTAP data protection solutions
  • ONTAP business continuity concepts
  • Troubleshoot DP solutions

Domain 7. Security

  • Protocol security
  • Security hardening
  • Inflight or at rest encryption
  • Anti-ransomware concepts

Domain 8. Performance

  • ONTAP performance monitoring
  • Troubleshoot storage system performance

Prerequisite Certifications

Consider completing the following NetApp Associate Accreditation exams:

NetApp Cloud Native Associate

NetApp Hybrid Cloud Associate

Learning Path to this certification

Every NetApp certification has an accompanying pathway of education to make passing the exam as easy as possible for our learners.

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