NetApp Keystone Flex Subscription

Pay-as-you-grow subscriptions delivering a seamless hybrid cloud experience, on your terms.

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Why Flex Subscription

NetApp Keystone Flex Subscription simplifies the hybrid cloud experience

NetApp Keystone Flex Subscription is a pay-as-you-grow subscription-based service that delivers a seamless hybrid cloud experience, if you prefer opex to capex or leasing. It gives you the ability to accelerate time to value by removing the IT burden of managing resources and going through the lengthy procurement cycle. You can better align economics to your business priorities.

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Pay for what you need, when you need it

Flex Subscription enables you to optimize your storage infrastructure operations and boost flexibility by aligning costs with usage. It simplifies the way you acquire, consume, and operate across your hybrid multicloud environments.

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Align costs and usage

Reduce upfront cash and pay only for what you use, avoiding overbuying and overprovisioning.

Unlock the best of both clouds

Scale across clouds easily and leverage the public cloud for bursting, data migrations, DR, backup, and tiering.

Free up IT staff

Simplify the purchase lifecycle and free up IT to focus more on innovation and less on administrative tasks.

Meet regulatory requirements

Gain improved performance, data protection, compliance, and security with certified and field-proven deployments and services.

Manage your data on your terms

Operate, manage, and pay for your data storage differently. With Flex Subscription, you pay-as-you-grow, and operate like a cloud everywhere.

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of NetApp customers surveyed prefer nontraditional payment models. Source: Enterprise Strategy Group, Survey, September 2019, N=200 respondents


see similar pricing, or a net cost advantage, for pay-per-use storage. Source: Enterprise Strategy Group, Survey, September 2019, N=200 respondents


utilize a pay-per-use model for more than half of their storage. Source: Enterprise Strategy Group, Survey, September 2019, N=200 respondents

What is Flex Subscription

With NetApp Keystone Flex Subscription, you choose your performance tier(s) and capacities, data storage services, data protection and hybrid cloud add-on services, subscription term, and operating model—matching your usage to your budget and reducing upfront expenses.

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Pay for performance

Storage service tiers based on IOPS and latency to meet various workload needs - Extreme, Premium, Standard, and Value.

Pay for use

Predictable billing for committed capacity, plus pay-per-use pricing for burst capacity.

Get a bundled price

Hardware, core OS, and support for one $/TiB price. One invoice for your file, block, object, and cloud storage services.

Choose a flexible term

As little as 12 months, 100TiB or more per site. Then, you can auto renew for 12 months or unsubscribe from the service.

Leverage the cloud

Single orchestration, provisioning, and management across clouds. Native cloud integration offers bursting, migrations, DR, and backups to the cloud.

Tier on premises or to the cloud

Automated tiering puts infrequently accessed data on lower cost storage, either on your premises or to any public cloud.

Choose who operates

Operated by NetApp, partner, or you. Active IQ integration provides a single dashboard view for Flex Subscription and existing NetApp systems.

Get advanced data protection

MetroCluster capabilities with RPO = 0 is available for your mission critical workloads.

Typical use cases

Choosing which flexible consumption model is right for you is easy. For Flex Subscription, you're primarily looking for a seamless hybrid cloud experience for file, block, and object storage services, spanning on the premises and the cloud.

Capex to Opex

Prefer 100% opex, with no assets on your balance sheet for workloads with variable capacity growth.

New business model

Want to act as an internal or external service provider and better align costs to usage.

Less storage admin tasks

Want to reduce time spent on migrations, tech refreshes, upgrades, and other storage admin tasks.

Path to the cloud

Need solutions for migrating workloads to the cloud, or from the cloud to on the premises.

Get started

Getting started with Flex Subscription is simple. First, determine which workloads are best for an as-a-service model, then select your performance, capacity, and add-on data services, and finally your terms. NetApp's team of specialists will do the design, build, and deploy and have you up and running in as little as 2 weeks.


Identify use cases that will benefit from a storage-as-a-service offering. Select our Cloud Design Workshop or Data Fabric Consultancy services to help you plan your roadmap.

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Select your performance tiers and committed capacity. Select add-ons (data protection and hybrid cloud options). Select term (minimum one year and 100TiB per site).

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NetApp's team of specialists are here to provide Design, Build, Installation, Configuration, Deployment, and Onboarding services according to your contract terms. We will not leave until you are happy.

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Create your first volume using the self-service portal or APIs. Actively engage with our service and support specialists to add new services and capacity or migrate additional workloads onto the Flex Subscription service.

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