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Kumulus Group Pty Ltd.

Kumulus, succinctly, exists to enact governance and control in the cloud space.

The term ‘cloud’ is many things to many businesses. Cloud comes in many flavors and with many options. Cloud as a word is usually associated with fluffy, puffy themes, though it can also be associated with aggressive storms. Cloud computing requires control and governance, to continue to enjoy business benefits whilst avoiding the pitfalls of inattention. The cloud business era is upon us, and the cloud space is developing at a pace not seen before.

As such keeping control of costs, options and outcomes needs also to develop rapidly. Most forwardlooking companies are leaning into ‘cloud’, those early adopters have enjoyed the business benefits, BUT the space is moving with such pace that control is imperative.

Kumulus has the people, tooling, and methodology to assess the situation, remediate is necessary and help plan the way forward, to reap and continue to reap the clear rewards on offer.

We partner with the best of breed in both cloud provisioning and cloud monitoring providers. It is this expertise our staff bring to our clients and together we offer governance and control.

This is the Kumulus mission.

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  • Southbank, Australia

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