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NetApp and AWS are raising the bar in cloud storage. Join the journey and grow your customer’s cloud business with AWS.

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Why partner with NetApp and AWS?

For almost a decade, NetApp and AWS have aimed for customer success by providing customers with the ability to migrate, build, and manage more cloud at less cost. Are you ready to partner with the best, for the best?

  • NetApp offers competencies with AWS that include government, financial services, migration, containers, and more.
  • NetApp® software is listed in AWS Marketplace, and we participate in their Consulting Partner Private Offer (CPPO) program.
  • NetApp’s first-party service, Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP, is integrated with AWS WorkSpaces, AWS ECS, VMware Cloud on AWS, and more.

Meet your cloud mandate for hybrid and cloud-native workloads

Finding the optimal arrangement of cloud infrastructure and file services can be one of the most painful struggles for your customers. Together with NetApp and AWS, you can help your customers natively run traditional and cloud applications without rearchitecting code or redesigning processes, while still optimizing costs.

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It’s never been easier to deploy to AWS. Let’s do it together.

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