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One of our most important missions is to help customers transition to Azure. Together with you, we can make the process smooth and secure for your customers to meet their changing business needs. Let’s crush it together!

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Why partner with NetApp and Microsoft Azure?

Are your customers planning an Azure migration? You’ve come to the right place! NetApp has the tools and expertise to help your customers move even their most demanding workloads fast, easily, and risk free. With cloud data services from NetApp and Microsoft, help your customers cross the finish line.

Enable a smooth and secure data migration to meet your customers’ changing business needs.

Today, companies need to operate with greater speed and scale than ever before. They want fast adoption of cloud-based solutions to migrating large-scale, business-critical datasets to the Azure cloud. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We can deliver data migration devices for Microsoft Azure to help your customers improve operational flexibility, control cloud costs, and speed cloud adoption.

  • Improve operational flexibility. 
  • Control cloud costs. 
  • Speed cloud adoption. 
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It’s never been easier to deploy to Azure. Let’s do it together.

Are you already a NetApp partner? Great! Check out the latest information on Partner Hub and contact us to plan our next move.

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