Meet Explore, NetApp’s digital sales enablement tool  

Engage digitally throughout the sales process, from product discovery to configuration, and handle all your post-purchase needs.

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Scalable GTM with simple Installed Base management experience

Key Features of the Explore platform

Use your Explore Assessment vanity URL as a call-to-action to engage with customers and prospects through digital campaigns.

Package recommendations along with specific resources as per the customer’s request & send it along in 5-easy steps.

Use Explore’s Installed Base Selling features to view opportunities (powered by Active IQ insights) and take proactive measures to address your Installed Base customers’ needs.

Quick stats

  • 800+ Onboarded partners across 3 geos (AMER, EMEA and APAC)
  • 750k Unique visitors to the business needs assessment
  • 75% Of interested customers are net new logos

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From lead management to consistent sales enablement, installed base selling to unified customer engagements, learn more about how Explore can help your business thrive.

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For partners and distributors

A simple, personalized, and consistent selling experience. Sales reps can use the Explore assessment as a guided selling tool to capture business requirements, and start the customer on their discovery by providing product and service recommendations. They can also use Explore to view Installed Base Selling opportunities, engage with customers and address their needs.

Simplify with digital selling

Connect with your customers and NetApp through a simple, unified sales experience with access to sales tools, resources, and services to transact with your customers and NetApp.

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For new and existing customers

Easily identify the right NetApp products and services that can address your unique needs with Explore. You can work with your preferred Partner, or NetApp can help you match with a Partner that meets your requirements.

For existing customers, Explore will automatically notify you about anticipated future needs.

Discover, evaluate, and connect

Explore helps customers map business needs with NetApp products and services, provides customers personalized recommendations, access to test drive them and much more.

Stay proactive and anticipate

Explore consumes Active IQ insights and automatically notifies customers about usage and consumption needs. Explore notifies customers proactively about opportunities to address capacity needs, refresh NetApp assets, and renew support contracts.

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The assessment will significantly help in conversations with my customers and give my recommendation more credibility.

Partner from Germany

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Join us as we transform the sales process into a customer-driven, digital-first experience. We’re ready to grow with you.

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Whether you’re looking to start a campaign, connect with a Partner, or get help starting with Explore, we’re here to help.

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Take a look at our valuable features for NetApp partners and customers.

Digital selling for NetApp Partners 

Attract high quality leads, engage with ease, and scale your business by onboarding with Explore today.

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