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Why NetApp for enterprise applications: Simplify operations

With the most options for private, public, and hybrid cloud deployments, NetApp solutions allow you to put your enterprise application data wherever it makes the most sense. As business needs change, you can easily and nondisruptively move your data between cloud and on-premises environments. And ONTAP software efficiencies simplify management and data protection across your entire landscape—in the data center and cloud.

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NetApp supports enterprise applications on your premises and in the world’s leading clouds: Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Amazon AWS. We offer the largest range of options so you can adopt the cloud at the pace that works for your business. Your data fabric unifies data management across cloud and on-premises resources, enabling you to run your data and applications in the environment that best suits your business requirements. And our flexible cloud options allow you to move data and applications from your premises to the cloud of your choosing (or between different clouds) and back again as business needs dictate.

Enterprise application solutions built on NetApp all-flash storage systems streamline operations with up to 90% savings in time and effort compared to traditional solutions. NetApp solutions offer proven value with fewer components, greater return on investment, and lower total cost of ownership.

We can provision servers a handful at a time in a day or two instead of taking weeks. That's how quick it is to turn around workload and compute.

Ray Quinto | Associate Director, Computing and Communication Services, California State University, Chico

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myBrand has set itself an objective to become the best-ranked SAP service provider, offering the best-in-class solution to our customers. We are convinced that we will need the NetApp software in order to reach this goal.

Han Schuitemaker | Technology Architect, myBrand

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With Azure NetApp Files, you can hot-resize the volume to match size and performance needs, perform instant snapshots or volume clones, and change the volume tier dynamically, without service interruption, interactively or by automation.

Giuliano Caglio | Cloud Services and Infrastructure, Italgas

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In today’s always-on world, customers expect to access data when and where they need it. Many organizations, however, are reluctant to move their business-critical applications to the cloud because they can’t afford unpredictable performance. With NetApp, your enterprise application environment will run in the cloud at peak performance and availability with consistent 250K IOPS and millisecond latency.

Lower your TCO

NetApp tools make it easy to understand consumption and costs, so you can optimize your storage infrastructure and keep and store your data where it’s most effective. With policy-based quality-of-service (QoS), databases get the performance they need. QoS also helps reduce costs by allowing you to safely consolidate workloads onto a single system so that you can run production and development side by side on the same system. And multiple storage efficiency technologies allow you to place more data in a smaller footprint.

Accelerate projects and workflows

Modernizing your environment with all-flash systems from NetApp can help you deliver projects up to 8 times faster than disk-based solutions. NetApp® AFF storage systems accelerate your projects with the fastest unified scale-out all-flash array, delivering up to 7 million IOPS and latency of less than a millisecond. Combining the industry’s fastest end-to-end all-flash arrays with the first truly end-to-end NVMe, NetApp high-performance, highly scalable all-flash solutions enable you to cut application response times in half, so that you can easily support peak usage demands.

Keep your business running

Resilience is key to winning the race against your competitors. With NetApp solutions for enterprise applications, you can keep your business running by making sure that you have the performance and data protection your business requires. You’ll gain peace of mind knowing that your data is safe and accessible only by authorized users. And you can rest assured knowing you’re protected against unplanned outages and data loss, so your data is always available whenever and wherever it’s needed.

Modern applications in today’s data-driven world

In today’s data-driven world, where everything is connected and businesses operate in real time, instant access to data and analytics is critical. Yet disconnected infrastructure and aging storage systems keep many organizations from focusing efforts on innovation and moving the business forward. IT is left to struggle with performance that can’t keep up with modern applications, lengthy test and development cycles due to long resource provisioning time, and exponential cost increases from data center systems that consume vast amounts of space, power, and cooling, as well as substantial management and maintenance resources.

NetApp is built for enterprise applications

With our industry-leading solutions that support hybrid multicloud capabilities, NetApp has become the go-to partner of enterprises looking to modernize their infrastructures and get maximum value from their SAP, Oracle, and SQL Server databases. Our cloud-connected all-flash systems are designed to help your organization accelerate its digital transformation and fuel data-driven strategies. Powered by NetApp® ONTAP® data management software, NetApp® enterprise application solutions deliver the industry’s highest performance and resilience, superior flexibility, best-in-class data services, and tight integration with the world’s leading clouds: Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Amazon AWS.

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Enterprise databases simply run better on NetApp

When running your enterprise databases on NetApp, you work smarter, support innovation, ensure availability, and position your organization to meet the challenges of tomorrow no matter where you choose to operate.

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