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Dell vs. NetApp: Think twice, migrate once

You’re either in or you’re out. When it comes to cloud storage, you have a choice. Box yourself in with a Dell data center migration or get more out of your data with NetApp on-premises or in the cloud.

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Out of the Dell cloud and into real cloud readiness

Determine where your data center stands, and what you need in place so you can pave a path to the cloud today. Ask yourself, is my Dell online storage: Complex? Siloed? Disruptive? Loaded with fees? Lagging? Inflexible? Stuck in a not-so-cloudy private Dell cloud?

Your data center needs to work for you right now AND be ready for whatever comes next. You need a partner who can help you build a data fabric that offers you the freedom and flexibility to choose among the full range of cloud services, all connected to your data center.

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Be a hybrid cloud groundbreaker

Deliver a consistent, groundbreaking experience with data services that work in your data center and across your choice of public clouds, private clouds, virtual machines, and microservices.

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Maximize your SAP investment

Whether you’re migrating to SAP HANA or moving your SAP workloads to the cloud, don’t box yourself in with Dell. Take control of your migration and deliver a single, connected experience, on premises and in the cloud with NetApp.

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Boost your Oracle databases

When migrating your Oracle databases, you need to make sure your storage environment has all the requirements on your checklist - not just the "nice-to-haves". Deliver high availability, blazing fast performance, and streamlined TCO, on-premises or in the cloud.

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Ready to migrate to NetApp?

NetApp experts will help you accelerate your data center migration, reduce risk, and minimize disruption.
Check out our free Cloud Insights trial and learn about our Dell migration program.

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