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Data Center Migration to the Cloud

NetApp experts help you accelerate your data center migration, reduce risk, eliminate or minimize disruption, and ensure your data center is cloud-ready. Ask us about our no cost Dell migration programs.

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An easy path to hybrid cloud

When it comes to modernizing your storage, you have a choice: remain boxed in with limited scaling, poorly integrated data protection, and immature cloud offerings - or get more value from your data with NetApp.

Take control of your data and define a long-term, cost-effective, easy path to hybrid cloud.

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Ready to detox your data center?

NetApp Cloud Insights is an infrastructure monitoring tool that gives you visibility into your complete infrastructure. Get started by assessing your environment for cloud migration today. Then, use the free trial of Cloud Insights to evaluate your environment and identify workloads that are good candidates to move to the cloud. 

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Your subscription to hybrid cloud storage

Simplify your hybrid cloud experience. NetApp Keystone increases your choices. Select from operational models and payment, or usage-based plans.

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