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What is entry-level storage?

Entry-level storage is simple, secure, cost-effective, and cloud-ready storage that allows you to start small and grow easily. 

Organizations large and small are operating at a rapid pace of change in a data-driven economy. Delivering data simply, quickly, and cost-effectively is essential to driving business growth. Many small businesses are still using hard disk systems because of the high cost of hybrid or all-flash solutions. Thankfully, these solutions are no longer out of reach. The NetApp entry-level systems, powered by NetApp ONTAP data management software, offer a simple, smart, and secure enterprise-class flash solution at an affordable price, providing you with the most value from your investment. 

Entry-level storage systems offer simple setup and deployment, flash storage performance, and integration with public clouds. They can be deployed in small offices, small enterprises, and remote locations to run both file and block workloads effectively and efficiently. They support multiple protocols, including FC, NFS, SMB/CIFS, iSCSI, and FCoE, to help you consolidate multiple applications onto a single system. And when you are ready, you can effortlessly connect your system to the public cloud.

What are the benefits of NetApp's entry-level storage?

Improving your businesses' user experience and improving storage efficiency are just the beginning. Here are some other top benefits of using NetApp's entry-level storage:

  • Simplified storage operations and management 
  • Reduced storage cost
  • Accelerated application performance 
  • Data security and availability 
  • Effortless connection to public clouds

Entry-level storage use cases

There are many uses for this data storage option, but we decided to limit ourselves to just a few. Below, these three use cases highlight some of the top benefits of NetApp's entry-level storage options:

Why choose NetApp for entry-level storage?

NetApp offers several entry-level hybrid and all-flash storage systems, allowing you to choose what is best for your business. 

  • AFF C190: An affordable all-flash system to migrate primary workloads from SAS 10K HDD systems. This product is ideal for enterprise applications, file share, and hybrid workloads. This system is a data center in a box.  

  • AFF A250: An all-flash system that is ideal for virtualization and consolidation of enterprise applications (for example, Oracle, SAP HANA, and Microsoft SQL Server). It is also ideal for emerging workloads (such as AI/ML, real-time analytics, and MongoDB).  

  • FAS2720: A hybrid-flash system that is ideal for data backup, archiving, file share, and deployments that require high capacity. 

  • FAS2750: An affordable hybrid-flash system that is ideal for enterprise applications, file share, and hybrid workloads. This system is a data center in a box. 

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