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Shibaura Institute of Technology customer success story

The Shibaura Institute of Technology protects against cyberattacks with a multi-layered, AI-driven security solution from NetApp.


    • 10,000
    • Students and faculty protected by a modern storage infrastructure
    • AI
    • NetApp AI technology automatically detects anomalies and instantly creates data backups
    • 60%
    • Data reduction with NetApp deduplication and compression
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NetApp modernizes data protection

Educational institutions are notoriously difficult to protect against cyberattacks. Networks need to be easily accessible to students, employees, and faculty all using their own devices, creating a perfect storm for hackers. After a 2016 ransomware attack, Shibaura Institute of Technology invested in improving their cybersecurity measures.

With NetApp technology, Shibaura Institute of Technology has implemented multi-layered security that protects its 10,000 students and faculty members from ransomware attacks, as well as quickly detect and recover from cyber threat.

Security where it matters most

Shibaura Institute of Technology's revamped integrated file server relies on NetApp technology for all-flash storage and AI-based storage security. NetApp keeps information secure where it matters most — at the data layer – by focusing on thwarting threats and accelerating data recovery.

By identifying suspicious behavior and acting quickly, NetApp gives Shibaura Institute of Technology peace of mind knowing that both their data and users are protected, enabling them to focus on securing their position as one of the top 10 engineering universities in Asia by 2027.

We have set up a mechanism to detect suspicious behavior and anomalies on the storage in two different layers and to acquire Snapshot copies at the moment of detection. The point is that NetApp’s AI technology automatically executes everything from detection to instant data protection

Takeshi Sato, Information Systems Department, Shibaura Institute of Technology

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