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Where the rubber meets the road

A global leader in bulk transportation sends ransomware packing with NetApp Cloud Insights and Cloud Secure.
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North American Bulk Transportation Company

Leading the way in bulk delivery

The bulk tank truck market in North America includes all items shipped by bulk tank truck carriers and consists primarily of chemicals, gasoline, and food-grade products. This global leader in bulk transportation operates the largest dedicated bulk tank truck network in North America, based on bulk service revenues. The company employs approximately 3,500 drivers and manages an estimated fleet of 3,200 tractors, 5,700 trailers, and 1,200 pieces of other energy logistics equipment.

We recently experienced a ransomware event, and when we saw what Cloud Insights ransomware detection provides, we were sold.

Director of IT, transportation company

Ransomware averted

A ransomware attack revealed the need for an updated, comprehensive solution to simplify the company’s ability to continue to deliver excellent service with a focused IT team. The company also needed to address their increased security needs and protect them from future ransomware attacks with a layered approach to security. 

Cloud Insights enhanced the transportation company’s infrastructural capabilities with the ability to monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize all applications and data. The Cloud Secure feature offers early detection, automatic anomaly detection, machine learning, and behavior analytics.

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Proactive detection of ransomware, enhanced security stature, protection from malicious use of dangerous chemicals by bad guys.

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