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SnapMirror software: Unified replication, fast recovery

Expecting the unexpected is hard work. Let SnapMirror software handle it instead. High data availability and fast data replication provide instant access to your business-critical data. Relax, it’s got this.

Why SnapMirror software for data replication?

Instant access to your business-critical data

NetApp® SnapMirror® replicates snapshot copies onto the same system, same or different cluster, or to the cloud, so you get high data availability and fast data replication for your business-critical applications, including Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle, in both virtual and traditional environments.

And when you replicate data to one or more NetApp storage systems and continually update the secondary data, your data is kept current and remains available whenever you need it. No external replication servers are required.

Key benefits

When your business needs instant access to its critical data, look no further than SnapMirror software to increase availability and speed recovery.

Increase availability and speed recovery

Easily manage replication between storage endpoints, from flash to disk to cloud. Transport data seamlessly and efficiently between NetApp storage systems to support both backup and disaster recovery with the same target volume and I/O stream. Failover to any secondary volume. Recover from any point-in-time Snapshot on the secondary storage. Safeguard your most critical workloads with available zero-data–loss synchronous replication (RPO=0).

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Lower your total cost of ownership

Put your secondary data to active business use and reduce your overall TCO by up to 60%. Data is stored natively, so features such as NetApp® FlexClone® technology allow you to create near-instantaneous, space-efficient copies of data on your secondary or tertiary storage. You can use these copies for multiple business functions, such as reporting, DR testing, and analytics, without any negative effect on your production system.

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Reduce storage footprint and network utilization

SnapMirror delivers highly efficient data replication, securely moving only changed data blocks. Thin replication, native network compression, and end-to-end retention of storage efficiencies reduce bandwidth utilization and secondary storage capacity by more than 50%. With SnapMirror, you can leverage one thin data replication data stream to create a single repository that maintains both the active mirror and prior point-in-time copies to satisfy backup and disaster recovery use cases.

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