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: Planning sustainable construction in the private cloud


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NetApp all-flash storage makes working with digital architecture models fast and secure 

Award winning engineering firm, PIRMIN JUNG Schweiz AG, focuses on timber structures and structural design. NetApp® storage is used in their private cloud for data and virtualized workstations. However, growing CAD and BIM (Building Information Modeling) needs, increased staff, and larger projects strained the platform and workflows. BWO Systems AG and NetApp Switzerland optimized the infrastructure, enabling faster planning, easy growth management, and disaster recovery.

Powerful and performant virtual clients in the private cloud are the basic prerequisite for our employees to design load-bearing timber construction and thus excite our clients for building with wood.

Pirmin Jung, CEO, PIRMIN JUNG Schweiz AG

All a matter of design and integration

NetApp and VMware build the scalable and high-performance foundation for this platform. Thanks to NetApp integrations with the VMware environment, the NFS stores stay under control and deliver the space needed.

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