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Securely govern your data with NetApp

In today’s world of high regulation and cyber threats, effective data stewardship is critical. Our compliance and governance solutions do the hard work of classifying and categorizing your data as well as controlling access, disclosure, and modification of data stored across your enterprise.

Why NetApp for governance, compliance, and privacy

Remaining compliant shouldn’t be work

Regulations are complicated. We get it — and we're here to help. From our industry-leading data-at-rest encryption to our AI-driven privacy controls, NetApp helps make sure your data remains protected and compliant (plus a little extra for good measure). 

Data analysis

Knowing what data you have is critical to effective data stewardship.  

  • Discover, classify and categorize data across sources and clouds. 
  • Identify personal and sensitive data which might be exposed. 
  • Run compliance related reports in minutes. 
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Data retention

You need the right storage systems to secure data retention to comply with regulatory requirements.

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Storage optimization

The massive growth of data requires constant optimization to manage costs.

  • Identify areas of waste based on redundancies.
  • Provide recommendations for storage resource optimization.
  • Identify data for migration and apply efficient migration.
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Monitoring and investigation

Making sense of anomalies in data management requires intelligent tools. 

  • Monitor and report against anomalous behavior. 
  • Receive alerts and identify suspicious activity. 
  • Apply file level forensics and system auditing. 
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NetApp is a leader and outperformer in the GigaOm Radar for Unstructured Data Management, with “enviable business-oriented capabilities such as data classification and compliance.”

GigaOm Radar for Unstructured Data Management: Infrastructure-Focused Solutions

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A NetApp solution for every data challenge

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