Trust your SAP on Azure with Azure NetApp Files. SAP does. 

An optimized SAP cloud landscape is yours. Reduce your risk when you trust your mission-critical SAP workloads to Azure and Azure NetApp Files. Unbelievably fast and with 99.99% availability guaranteed Just register and take your SAP experience on Azure to an all-new level.

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Why Azure NetApp Files for SAP? 

Migrate traditional SAP landscapes or upgrade to S4/HANA with Azure NetApp Files, production certified for use with SAP HANA. The fastest, most scalable storage in the cloud. 

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Reduce risk for your SAP cloud migration

Move SAP workloads to Azure and gain the stability and agility your business demands. Reduce costs, improve performance and deliver greater enterprise resilience with Azure NetApp Files.

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We are able to reduce the total amount of outages by 80% because of the stability that Azure NetApp Files provides. Customers are looking for flexibility, stability and a better TCO. NetApp is the market leader there.

Lalit Patil , Chief Technology Officer, SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud 

Discover why SAP trusts Azure NetApp Files 
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Your cloud infrastructure choices matter

In this complimentary webinar discover:

  • How infrastructure choices make a significant impact on achieving a successful, risk free SAP upgrade and migration to Azure.
  • How to use Azure to accelerate your SAP deployments, reduce costs, improve resiliency and provide increased agility for your business processes.  
  • How SAP customers can create a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery strategy in Azure. 
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What can we do for your SAP landscapes?

Eliminate your SAP migration headaches. Simplify deployments with reference architectures. Dynamically run OLAP and OTAP at light speed. Your SAP is cloud ready now with Azure NetApp Files.

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Migrate with confidence (and a great plan) 

Migrate apps without refactoring -- benefit from instant cloning, rapid backup and restore.

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Build better business continuity (and cut costs) 

High availability, integrated replication and disaster failover.

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Simplify operations (and never miss an SLA) 

Up to 90% savings in time and effort compared to traditional solutions.

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The biggest advantages that the cloud provides us from a technical standpoint is stability and flexibility. Stability is, in the end, what pays the bills. Stability allows you to focus on things that are differentiating while not having to worry about disruptions. With Azure and NetApp Files, we've managed and over-delivered on these two things.

Francesco Quinterno , CTO, CONA Services 

Things go better for CONA with SAP and Azure NetApp Files
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