NetApp data analytics solutions

Move faster, scale with ease, and deliver maximum uptime to keep your workloads running. Whether you're a data scientist, architect, or IT admin, NetApp has the data analytics solutions to meet your data challenges. Now you’re free to breathe a sigh of relief and move your business forward with data as the cornerstone asset.


为什么选择 NetApp 运行大数据分析?


NetApp 创新型大数据分析平台可以将数据分析速度提高 50%,确保数据始终可用,并帮助您满足 Splunk、Hadoop 和 NoSQL 数据库工作负载极高的企业级要求。

通过利用 NetApp 进行大数据分析,您可以提高资源利用率并消除不必要的数据副本,从而将许可证费用、硬件成本和总体 TCO 降低多达 50%。


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‘NetApp was selected because of its price to performance, scalability, and the availability of tools that facilitate the transfer of data between platforms.

Dr. Wade Schulz, MD, PhD | Yale

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Data lake solutions

When you modernize your analytics and AI data architecture with a unified data lake based on NetApp solutions, you can manage your data efficiently, as your business demands. Scale to meet the data needs of modern consumers—generating additional insights about your business and customers.

Data lake side

提供 Splunk 所需的高性能、灵活性和应用程序可用性

Splunk 的模块化灵活性与 NetApp 监控应用程序和信息板相结合,助力实现高性能。经验证的参考架构可为 Splunk 提供所需的性能、灵活的存储分层以及应用程序可用性,帮助您满足苛刻的企业级 SLA 要求。

Improve business results

Get better insights from your data to foster profitability and productivity.

Increase innovation

Enable modern technologies and hybrid cloud access to data anywhere.

Lower TCO

Drastically reduce licensing costs and increase ROI with a disaggregated infrastructure.

Splunk 解决方案

不必担心 Splunk 应用程序正常运行时间的问题。将密集搜索的平均搜索速度提高多达 22%,将稀疏搜索的平均搜索速度提高多达 200%。我们经验证的 NetApp 参考架构可以让您的工作变得更轻松。

Resilient availability

Splunk plays a vital role in assessing and presenting data analytics. With NetApp solutions, you can deliver the resilience and application availability that Splunk needs. Even after a site failure, Splunk stays online with NetApp.

Consistent performance

Maintain the highest level of performance and uptime while avoiding overprovisioning. Meet ever-changing business requirements with up to 111% faster search performance.

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Data Business Outcomes

All about data

Harness the power of data for better business outcomes

Unified DataLakes

Unified data lakes

Create a single source of truth for your data to feed modern data analytics

SmartStore StorageGRID

Splunk SmartStore with StorageGRID

Increase Splunk administrators’ ability to take advantage of SmartStore.

NoSQL 解决方案

加快 NoSQL 数据库应用程序的性能,并开始以更低的成本存储新型数据。

MongoDB solutions

Deploy MongoDB on NetApp systems to achieve high levels of cloud integration and availability, reduce operational costs, and improve performance.


Keep your data safe and sound

Unprotected data is a disaster waiting to happen. And traditional data protection approaches aren’t keeping pace with IT complexity and growing threats. With NetApp, you can be confident that your data is secure in the cloud without sacrificing application performance. Plan backups and disaster recovery. Increase privacy and compliance. Prevent ransomware. Stay ahead of emerging threats. Smart, right?



了解 NetApp 客户如何使用大数据分析解决方案来更快、更可靠和大规模地完成更多工作。


医疗保健协会选择 NetApp 进行大数据分析,五年内节省 210 万美元的成本。

Mercy Technology Services

Mercy Technology Services 通过闪存加速分析技术来改善患者护理。

Mt.San Rafael Hospital

Mt.San Rafael Hospital 利用闪存支持预测性分析。


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现在是您进行数字化转型的最佳时机。立即与 NetApp 联手将是您最明智的选择。





NetApp Keystone

无论您是构建还是购买、在内部环境还是公有云中,NetApp Keystone 都能提供灵活的云消费模式。








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