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2024 Cloud Complexity Report

: The AI Divide

The second annual NetApp Cloud Complexity Report explores how technology decision makers around the globe are navigating and deploying AI at scale. This new chapter provides insights into progress, readiness, challenges, momentum, and the crucial role of data management for AI success.

2024 complexity report the AI Divide

Complexity at a tipping point

60 % of tech execs in AI-leading countries have AI projects up and running or in motion
42 % of companies in AI-lagging countries have optimized IT environments for AI and are AI Ready
40 % of large companies say AI projects have already increased IT costs

The World is Dividing into AI Leaders and AI Laggards

The rise of AI is creating a new disrupt or die era and the world is starting to divide into AI leaders and AI laggards.

There is already a clear divide between AI-leading countries and AI-lagging countries. IT costs and security are the two biggest challenges in the AI era, but they will not impede AI progress. Instead, AI leaders will scale back, cut other IT operations or reallocate costs from other parts of the business to fund AI. AI leaders will also increase their cloud operations (CloudOps) investments and increase their data security investments throughout 2024.

ai leaders walking across inside the building

The New Disrupt or Die Era

It’s no surprise that the Technology sector is leading in innovation and AI – with the most AI projects either in pilot or up and running (70%), but Banking & Financial Services and Manufacturing are also AI leaders with 55% and 50% of AI projects either in pilot or up and running, respectively.

2024 cloud complexity 2024 AI Divide

Kick Complexity to the Curb

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Technical barriers

Tech executives report technical challenges optimizing cloud. 

Tensions around ROI

Significant pressure to show short-term progress and fast ROI cited.

Cloud strategy key drivers

Multicloud strategy is driven by data sovereignty and ESG.

Looking to AI

AI support for cloud deployments will increase.

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