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Digital twins: Driving factory transformation

With NetApp’s open-source approach to digital twin, you can optimize, predict, and test manufacturing scenarios. It all adds up to greater innovation at lower cost.

Digital Twins: efficiency, sustainability, and data empowerment


Increase in operational efficiency when digital twins are used*


organizations using digital twins to advance their sustainability agenda*


Agree rapid access to the right data is greatest impact of digital twins*

Digital twins: Enabling a sustainable future

By simulating real-world conditions in real time, digital twins help optimize resource usage, reduce carbon emissions, and improve supply and transportation networks. They also provide insights into product behavior, and facilitate development of sustainable materials. You might say digital twins are a win-win.

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Unlock intelligent transformation

Meet evolving customer and regulatory challenges with NetApp-enabled digital twins. Optimize products, processes, and experiences to drive digital transformation.

Smart manufacturing

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Digitalize factory planning

 Integrate data from product development through production 

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Simulate changes with digital twin

Anticipate factory problems before they occur

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Seamlessly exchange supply chain data

Boost collaboration across your ecosystem 

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Real-time production insights for global teams

Make adjustments the moment they are needed 

Open source, standards-based

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Interoperability and Standardization

Integrate digital twin into existing systems

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Seamless data, end to end

Easily move data between cloud and on-prem

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Fully bi-directional data

Improve physical processes based on digital data

NetApp is an official member of the Industrial Digital Twin Association.

As a member of the association, NetApp plays a leading role as a provider of intelligent data infrastructure for digital transformation projects. 

Together with its members, the association is making digital twin technology broadly accessible and setting industry standards. 

Member of Industrial Digital Twin Association

Digital twins and the power of partners

NetApp teams with Fraunhofer for Industry 4.0 best practices, combining expertise in digital twin technology, Eclipse BaSyx, and open standards to provide an intelligent data infrastructure for AI, IoT, and cloud solutions. With a focus on secure and universal data access, we empower businesses to adapt, evolve, and lead in the digital era.

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Want to take full advantage of Industry 4.0?

Our digital twin experts can help. Book a meeting.

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