VMware private cloud solutions: Driven by NetApp HCI

This partnership is one for the ages. Deploying a VMware private cloud architecture on NetApp® HCI® unleashes the full power of your applications with the data services they require—across any infrastructure or cloud.

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Why NetApp for VMware private clouds?

The most versatile platform for superior private clouds

NetApp HCI is the foundation of a private cloud strategy, running multiple applications with the predictable performance that enterprises and customers demand. VMware private cloud enables IT organizations to automate the provisioning of common repeatable requests and to respond to business needs with more agility and predictability.

The combination of technologies from NetApp and VMware provide you with an integrated system that offers all the benefits of VMware private cloud and the scalability and granularity of NetApp HCI. This solution enables your organization to improve productivity of infrastructure engineers and VMware administrators, reduce deployment and provisioning time, and optimize storage space.

Automate your virtualized VMware private cloud

By leveraging our Private Cloud solution, developed in collaboration with VMware, you can automate your virtualized environment, and even set up a self-service portal.

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Accelerate and simplify the move from virtualization to VMware private cloud deployment

NetApp HCI delivers guaranteed performance per VM and unmatched scaling potential. Ease NSX integration and deliver unique capabilities for building apps with vRealize Automation to enhance agile consumption.

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NetApp private cloud products beyond VMware

NetApp offers a modern portfolio of private cloud infrastructure products, designed to perform at scale with simplicity and operational efficiency. Build your cloud from the ground up, with modern platforms and simplified cloud-native capabilities.

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Private cloud at scale for the enterprise

Achieve new business opportunities. Overcome technical challenges with an enterprise-scale hyper-converged infrastructure solution.

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Primary use cases

From accelerating workloads and analytics to increasing DevOps adoption, VMware private cloud is ready for anything.
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Accelerate workloads and analytics

Leverage the power of Oracle Database, SAP, Microsoft, Splunk, and oSQL.

Protect and secure your data

Backup and recover data with security solutions and data privacy solutions.

Automate for control

Redefine how storage can be consumed and managed

Increase DevOps adoption

Boost your development process.

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Multiple business advantages

Modernize your virtualization environment

Deploy secure, high-availability solutions with automation, flexibility, and scalability.

Simplify virtualization delivery

Escape the performance and efficiency limitations of traditional storage.

Enhance the end-user computing experience

Ensure faster, guaranteed performance for end user applications.

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