Oracle databases: take next-level control

Whether you’re optimizing your Oracle environment or moving your databases to the cloud, don’t box yourself in with Dell. Take next-level control of your Oracle databases with NetApp and deliver projects up to 30% faster – with 99.9999% availability. Think twice, migrate once.

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Why NetApp is best for Oracle

When migrating your databases, you need to make sure your storage environment has all the requirements on your checklist - not just the "nice-to-haves".

Our solutions for Oracle databases boost performance, deliver 99.9999% availability, and reduce complexity and TCO. 

On-premises and in the cloud, Oracle databases run best on NetApp.

Nonstop performance

Handle peak demand and migrate enterprise workloads 10x faster


Simplify costly database management―on-premises and in the cloud

Always on availability

Ensure uptime and 99.9999% availability with integrated data services

Faster migration

Migrate and deploy to the cloud faster, with no vendor lock-in


Oracle and NetApp – better together

From improved IT economics to accelerated time-to-market, Oracle databases run better on NetApp. Explore the top 3 reasons to move your databases from Dell to NetApp.


The experts weigh in

In this report, Evaluator Group examines NetApp’s storage solutions for Oracle databases – and how you can make your database users, developers, and DBAs happy while reducing your TCO.


Give your Oracle database superpowers

If you’re going to modernize your Oracle infrastructure, why not level up and give your databases superpowers? Check out our buyer’s guide and discover the 4 key questions you need to answer to choose the right solution for your environment.

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Reduced TCO, on-prem and in the cloud

Is your current storage solution overwhelming your Oracle budget? It doesn’t have to be that way. Try our cost savings calculator and see how you can reduce your TCO with NetApp solutions for Oracle - on-premises and in the cloud.

We have the best customers

From large enterprises to nimble startups - our customers are specialists in their unique ways. Check out their stories and learn how NetApp solutions for Oracle empowered them to innovate - on-premises, in the cloud, and everywhere in between.


Energizing Italgas' Oracle investments

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DG Khan

Building DG Khan's hybrid cloud strategy

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Mellanox Technologies

Moving Mellanox Technologies into the cloud

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