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BlueXP workload factory

NetApp® BlueXP workload factory is an intelligent optimization and automation service that uses industry best practices to design, set up, and operate key workloads using Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP.

Workload factory capabilities

Assess, plan, and launch workloads

Methodically assess your workload demands and evaluate resource alternatives for optimal cost and performance alignment. Apply industry best practices to plan, provision, and implement workloads in the cloud.

Automate and operate workloads

Oversee cloud resources, offering dynamic scaling capabilities—upward, outward, and downward. Workload factory automatically generates infrastructure-as-code templates, fostering operational excellence, repeatability, and fluid integration with existing orchestration workflows.

Protect workload data

Continuously safeguard your workloads' data from a wide spectrum of threats. Workload factory, along with NetApp BlueXP and cloud-native services, enables you to leverage ONTAP capabilities for extensive data protection in the cloud.

Optimize workloads to align with business goals and best practices

GenAI projects

Integrate Amazon Bedrock’s foundational models to rapidly create and manage knowledge bases and infuse organizational data into GenAI RAG applications.


Streamline your database workloads by designing efficient implementations, automating deployments, and centralizing operations for enhanced management and performance.


Optimize your VMware environment by conducting a thorough assessment, crafting a tailored design, and executing a need-specific deployment.

Introduction to BlueXP workload factory

BlueXP workload factory is an intelligent service that lets you evaluate, strategize, implement, and manage essential cloud workloads. Discover the full capabilities in our latest blog.

BlueXP workload factory is free to use

NetApp BlueXP workload factory, your key to efficient and seamless workload deployment. Unleash its full potential.

Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP

Efficiently manage your enterprise’s block and file workloads with Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP, a fully managed AWS file service that helps ensure a uniform and seamless user experience.

Unified hybrid multicloud management

BlueXP provides unified control of storage and services across on-premises and cloud environments, supporting your intelligent data infrastructure.

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