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Unveiling NetApp SnapCenter 5.0

Explore the important advances in the latest update


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Charles Hayes

I'm excited to share information about the release of NetApp® SnapCenter® 5.0, the latest version of our data protection platform. Since 2016, SnapCenter has provided NetApp customers with a unified, scalable platform for application-consistent data protection. SnapCenter makes it easy for administrators to protect and manage enterprise workloads hosted on NetApp storage, on premises or in a public cloud. Now, SnapCenter 5.0, continues to build on the simplicity and effectiveness of data protection with NetApp with five great new features.

What’s new in SnapCenter 5.0

Let's look at these new capabilities and why I think they represent such a strong step forward for data protection from NetApp.

  1. Protect your business from ransomware attacks with SnapLock® compliance software and Snapshot™ copy locking. We all know that ransomware poses an imminent risk, threatening the security of your valuable data and, in fact, your business. We've added Snapshot copy locking (also known as tamperproof snapshots) and SnapLock features to keep your data even safer. Storing copies of data in a SnapLock volume provides immutability on either primary or secondary storage, so that your copies can't be deleted or changed by attackers. Data stored in the SnapLock volume remains unmodified and protected for the specified retention period, boosting your security and compliance. With SnapCenter, your data stays secure even if you're targeted by ransomware.
  2. Get easy, powerful backup and recovery for applications and virtual machines without interruption. Now, more than ever, enterprises require zero downtime for critical applications and virtual machines. SnapCenter 5.0 has the solution. With NetApp SnapMirror® Business Continuity, you can create snapshots that protect and recover your applications and virtual machines, even during failover or failback. SnapCenter keeps your data protected and available, always.
  3. Protect your data in Amazon FSx for ONTAP and Azure NetApp Files. NetApp is always looking for ways to build great new experiences for our partners and our customers. With SnapCenter 5.0 offers the unified management and automation capabilities of SnapCenter to extend your protection beyond Cloud Volumes ONTAP® hosted in AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Azure, into first-party services from AWS (Amazon FSx for ONTAP) and Microsoft (Azure NetApp Files). This SnapCenter update simplifies the management and protection of crucial data across a diverse storage infrastructure.
  4. Safeguard your Linux data. Although we have always provided application-consistent protection for databases running on Linux, we saw the need for a tailored approach to protecting Linux data that considers factors such as the specific Linux distribution, file system types, and backup strategies. You can now safeguard critical Linux data by using the robust capabilities of SnapCenter 5.0, which supports Linux file systems hosted on ONTAP, Cloud Volumes ONTAP, and Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP storage.
  5. Accelerate backup in VMware environments with tag-based protection. Managing backups for dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of virtual machines can be not just complex, it can be impossible. With tag-based protection for VMware environments in SnapCenter 5.0, life just got easier for our customers. Tag-based protection allows easier categorization and organization of virtual machines, enabling more granular control over backup policies. This approach simplifies backup management in complex environments, especially those with a large number of virtual machines. Storage and data protection administrators will love it.

SnapCenter 5.0 makes it easy to protect your crucial data

Upgrade to SnapCenter 5.0 today and experience enhanced data protection for your applications and virtual machines. With all these new capabilities, SnapCenter makes data protection easier and more effective than ever before.

Read more here about how SnapCenter can help you stay confident that your data is safe, secure, and available.

Charles Hayes

Charles Hayes is a Product Marketing Manager focusing on hybrid cloud solutions. He’s a 20-year veteran of the storage industry, joining NetApp in September 2019. Before NetApp he spent years defining, developing, and marketing products and solutions for SimpleTech, Iomega, EMC and Lenovo. Charles is also a mediocre percussionist/guitarist, an old-school punk rock fan, and frequently claims he saw all the cool bands before they were cool.

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