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This is not yesterday’s unified data storage


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Emma Reeve
Emma Reeve

You don’t know what you don’t know. Isn’t that how the adage goes?  

At NetApp, we want you to know what’s possible so that you can become data driven and AI-ready. It’s why we’ve been pushing the boundaries of what it means to build an intelligent data infrastructure and expanding what it means for storage to be truly unified.  

Traditionally, unified data storage has meant consolidated block and file storage protocols managed on a single system. But customer needs for data management have rapidly expanded, with more requirements for privacy, protection, and governance, as well as the need to support workloads like AI and open-source applications.  

Imagine a future in which storage infrastructure silos are a thing of the past, and accessing and managing any data, anyplace, becomes effortless. That future is here now—with simplicity, efficiency, and unified control at your fingertips. It’s all possible with the new way to unified. And it’s only from NetApp.

Any data type or storage protocol—anywhere

Truly unified data storage frees you to store any data type and power any workload across any storage protocol—on a single software system. And you can do it anywhere: on premises, in your private cloud, on Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud, with consistent protection, management, and automation.  

This level of operational simplicity empowers you to make business decisions faster, elevate customer experiences, and focus more on driving business growth.  

A strong, sustainable infrastructure

But innovation doesn’t end there. It’s about resilience, adaptability, and a more sustainable way to do business. Our built-in protection defends against evolving threats like ransomware, while our high-performance storage makes AI readiness a reality. Plus, NetApp® solutions provide enhanced visibility into energy consumption, so you can better control your carbon footprint and drive sustainability goals forward.

We've reduced our data center footprint for storage from 6 racks to less than half a rack per site, which means reduced carbon emissions and reduced power, even for our very high-demand facilities

The new way to unified storage

In a world where competition is fierce and disruption is constant, embracing the new way to unified data storage isn’t just an option—it’s a necessity. It’s your opportunity to: 

  • Make lightning-fast decisions and accelerate time to market 
  • Continually adapt and foster competitive innovation 
  • Streamline IT operations and regain control over costs 

Your market share won’t secure itself. That’s why building an intelligent data infrastructure with unified data storage is fundamental to your success. And with NetApp by your side, you can confidently navigate whatever disruptions lie ahead. 

Want to explore further? Dive deeper into what’s possible with unified data storage.

Emma Reeve

Emma Reeve, Global VP of Customer Experience Marketing at NetApp, shapes innovative marketing strategies to deepen customer engagement. With 25+ years of experience in storytelling and audience engagement, she champions personal empowerment and societal change, blending business acumen with a passion for transformative leadership and philanthropy. 

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