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Industry-leading secure storage gets even better

Supercharging ransomware defense with the power of AI

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Gagan Gulati
Gagan Gulati

NetApp has long been recognized as driving the state of the art in embedding cyber resilience directly into primary enterprise storage. Today, we’re announcing several new additions and enhancements to our portfolio to help our customers tackle their ever-escalating threat matrix. In the most exciting development, we’re now leading the charge to use the power of AI to combat ransomware.

Let’s not kid ourselves – attackers are already using AI to generate a new wave of devastating attacks. So we’re fighting fire with fire by embedding artificial intelligence and machine learning directly into enterprise storage to shield our customers in the fight against ransomware. And we’re making it even easier to orchestrate ransomware protection by offering improved application protection and simplifying disaster recovery. All of this adds up to the most secure storage on the planet, now made even better with these powerful new offerings.

Ransomware detection, now AI supercharged

For many organizations, ransomware attacks and other threats by malicious actors often go unnoticed for days, weeks, or even months. As these attacks become more sophisticated, they are increasingly difficult to detect. The ability to recover from attacks often comes down to whether the data was protected in the first place and if it was, how quickly and how precisely an attack can be recognized so that recovery is optimized.

Today, NetApp is previewing our newest generation of real-time AI-powered ransomware detection embedded in an enterprise storage array. Our industry-leading first generation of ML-based autonomous ransomware protection was released in 2021 as a native feature of NetApp® ONTAP®, which powers our best in class all-flash and hybrid storage offerings. This latest generation of technology will use the power of AI to dramatically increase the precision and recall of ransomware detection. This is a total game changer for ransomware and cyberthreat detection. We intend to release a technology preview of this capability to select customers in the next quarter. Check out NetApp announces industry-leading enterprise storage with AI-powered ransomware detection to learn more.

Ransomware protection at your fingertips

Our broad portfolio of intelligent data services offers additional capabilities to effectively protect data against ransomware attacks. We’re announcing the public preview for a new NetApp BlueXP™ Ransomware Protection data service that will give customers an integrated approach to protect their entire NetApp data estate. The service will include intelligent workflows to securely identify and orchestrate protection for our customers’ most important data, AI/ML-based anomaly detection with automated response, and rapid data recovery. These capabilities integrate with and complement the native capabilities of ONTAP, including the new autonomous ransomware protection feature.

Disaster recovery made easy

Disaster recovery solutions are essential to minimize downtime from natural disasters, ransomware attacks, and the unknown. Last summer, we announced a public preview for a new data service, BlueXP disaster recovery, which provides intelligent configuration and management of disaster recovery for VMware environments. Today, we are announcing general availability of this service globally. Powered by ONTAP SnapMirror® and NetApp Snapshot™ technology, and securely orchestrated by BlueXP, this new data service offers simplified protection and recovery of VMware environments, whether in the cloud or on premises.

Backup and recovery

Enterprise application protection has been a strength of NetApp for decades via our backup software, SnapCenter®, which provides intelligent integration with leading databases and operating systems to protect applications through the advanced capabilities of ONTAP. Today, we are announcing SnapCenter 5.0, which extends advanced tamper-proof backup capability to include application-consistent backups and adds the protection of enterprise databases running in the cloud. SnapCenter 5.0 can be deployed easily and managed in your hyperscaler of choice (Azure or AWS) with simplified workflows and integration with Azure NetApp Files and Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP to support efficient state-consistent backup. SnapCenter 5.0 also includes support for ONTAP Snapshot copy locking (aka tamper-proof snapshots), SnapMirror Business Continuity, Linux file system protection, and more. Check out unveiling NetApp SnapCenter 5.0 to learn more about this important release of SnapCenter.

Recovery guaranteed

We’re so confident in our ability to help protect customer data that we back our on-premises storage with a Ransomware Recovery Guarantee. The guarantee is supported by our Ransomware Recovery Assurance Service, which assists in proper storage configuration and data recovery in the event of a ransomware attack.

We are now extending availability of the Ransomware Recovery Guarantee for new purchases of the NetApp Keystone® storage-as-a-service offering. Customers can enjoy the advantages of NetApp ransomware protection and data recovery via a single subscription, usage-based model for the ultimate in operational and financial flexibility. Consistent with the current Ransomware Recovery Guarantee, users must also purchase the Ransomware Recovery Assurance Service to qualify for the guarantee. As with all guarantees, terms and conditions apply.

Customer success

The best measure of our success comes from our customers’ success. Here are a few comments from customers, kept anonymous to protect their security.

“Our systems are highly confidential. We've got a lot of access to data, and then we also have data stored on premises. So, the ability to protect against data leaks and data corruption is huge. NetApp plays a huge role in that for us. Having that SnapLock capability is huge for us. It enables us to basically say that this data is untouchable, and we're able to offload it to wherever we want. We're able to air gap it if we need to, and that means that ransomware is hopefully a thing that we never have to deal with.”

Systems services manager, U.S. law enforcement agency 

“If we get hit with a nation state [attack]…if we have good backups and we follow the 3-2-1 rule with an air gap, offline backup, and immutable Snapshot copies we'll have a way to restart the business when it comes to that point."

Business systems manager, U.S. public utility district

The way forward

Your data drives your business, and its availability is crucial to your success. NetApp delivers the products and solutions you need to secure and protect your data from cyberthreats and disasters of all kinds. There is no safer place to store and protect your data than NetApp.

Learn more about NetApp Cyber Resilience solutions and how they can help you safeguard your data and keep your organization operational and productive.

Gagan Gulati

Gagan Gulati is NetApp's VP of Product for Data Services. His team focuses on building best-in-class data protection and governance products for NetApp enterprise and cloud storage. This portfolio includes backup, disaster recovery, ransomware protection, data classification and governance, and Cloud Volumes ONTAP.

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