NetApp flexibility for VMware on Google Cloud

The scale of Google Cloud, the power of VMware, the flexibility of NetApp

You’ve got people, skills, and processes to support your VMware kingdom already. Modernize your VMware-based infrastructure without upskilling or starting from scratch.

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Why NetApp solutions for VMware on Google Cloud?

See what the experts say

Robert Strechay, senior analyst at ESG, breaks down the jobs to be done when moving VMware to Google Cloud to boost performance, data protection, and innovation—and shows how NetApp helps you do them.

Move VMs off premises

NetApp and Google offer the fastest and least expensive approach to move your VMs from your data center to Google Cloud.

Scale as you grow

Reduce spending while meeting the needs of virtualized applications that have large storage needs, like imaging and archives, but that have low or variable compute requirements.

Protect, protect, protect

Take advantage of the data protection features built into NetApp® Cloud Volumes Service to make it easier to recover data in the event of loss or corruption.

Share and share alike

Connect your VMs to NFS or SMB shares for less expensive storage and backup.  Share files between multiple VMs and applications.

NetApp Cloud Volumes for Google Cloud

Excellence is a practice and a partnership, not a single act

NetApp solutions are tightly integrated with Google Cloud to give you full control of your data. That includes on-demand tiering, NetApp Snapshot™ copies, and data protection, all from the Google Cloud UI.

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Migrate and modernize VMware in Google Cloud

Use Google Cloud VMware Engine to support your needs of today and tomorrow. Learn how to combine the powers of Google and NetApp to bring your VMware VMs into the cloud, and modernize your applications once you’re there.

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How does NetApp ease VMware management?

A big story in a nutshell

NetApp Cloud Volumes Service expert Karl Konnerth breaks down the benefits of adopting Cloud Volumes Service to improve VMware management in Google Cloud VMware Engine.

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