Google Cloud VMware Engine

: Fueled by NetApp Cloud Volumes Service datastores

The scale of Google Cloud, the power of VMware, the flexibility of NetApp

NetApp Cloud Volumes datastore support for Google Cloud VMware Engine makes it possible for you to modernize your VMware infrastructure without upskilling, starting from scratch, or wasting your budget. Now generally available, this solution decouples storage from compute so you can save up to 30% and flexibly extend VMware workloads to the cloud.

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Why NetApp solutions for VMware on Google Cloud?

See what the experts say

A senior analyst at ESG breaks down the jobs to be done when moving VMware to Google Cloud to boost performance, data protection, and innovation—and shows how NetApp helps you do them.

Proof positive

    • Up to 30% 

    • Reduction in cloud service costs

    • 100TiB

    • Scale datastore capacity to 100TiB without adding vSphere nodes

    • 20+

    • Years of co-development with VMware

Move VMs off premises

Move your VMs from your data center to Google Cloud—and save up to 30% while you're at it.

Scale as you grow

Scale storage independently of compute and reduce costs while meeting the needs of storage-heavy virtualized applications that have low or variable compute requirements.

Protect your data

Take advantage of the data protection features—like NetApp® Snapshot™ copies—built into NetApp Cloud Volumes Service to make it easier to copy and recover data in the event of loss or corruption.

Reduce complexity

Obtain operational consistency and simplified data management with the same level of performance that you would get on premises.

NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud

Fully supported by Google Cloud and certified by VMware, NetApp Cloud Volumes Service datastore support for Google Cloud VMware Engine gives you full control of your data. That includes on-demand tiering, Snapshot™ copies, and data protection, all from the Google Cloud UI.

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Calculate your savings

Try our TCO calculator for a personalized cost estimate and find out how much you could save with NetApp Cloud Volumes Service datastores.

Migrate and modernize VMware in Google Cloud

Combine the powers of Google and NetApp to bring your VMware VMs into the cloud and modernize your applications once you’re there.

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How does NetApp ease VMware management?

NetApp Cloud Volumes Service expert Karl Konnerth breaks down the benefits of adopting Cloud Volumes Service to improve VMware management in Google Cloud VMware Engine.

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Ready to take the next step?

There’s no one-size-fits-all plan to maximize your VMware workloads in the cloud. Schedule a strategy session with a VMware expert who will review your challenges, answer your questions, and consider how NetApp Cloud Volumes Service datastores can help you uncover the full business potential of Google Cloud VMware Engine.

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