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NetApp principles for responsible use of generative AI


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May 2024 

NetApp’s culture is deeply rooted in our unwavering commitment to revolutionizing the data infrastructure industry, and we take pride in our relentless pursuit of delivering superior solutions to our customers. Naturally, we’re eager to embrace the remarkable advances in generative artificial intelligence so that we can usher in the next wave of groundbreaking innovation for our valued customers and shareholders. 

NetApp’s pursuit of innovation is grounded in the values embodied in our Code of Conduct: put the customer at the center, embrace a growth mindset, think and act like owners, care for each other and our community, and build belonging every day. While the vast potential of AI demands our utmost attention, it’s equally important that we approach its use with a sense of responsibility and a commitment to ensuring its ethical use. The consequences of errors, unintended biases, legally problematic outputs, and inadvertent disclosure of NetApp® intellectual property can be significant, underscoring the need for a cautious and conscientious approach. NetApp’s core values provide the foundation for our use of generative AI. 

In addition, to effectively manage our use of this evolving technology, we have implemented an executive-led governance program, guided by our core values, to provide clear and comprehensive oversight of our use of generative AI. 

Put the customer at the center

NetApp will actively engage and collaborate with our customers as we use and deploy generative AI technology. By involving them in the process, we aim to foster transparency and to align with their needs and expectations, enabling us to better serve them. We will work together to deliver exceptional outcomes that genuinely reflect our customers' input and cultivate strong relationships with them.

Embrace a growth mindset

NetApp thrives on experimentation, continuously learning from both successes and failures, and evolving our strategy to fully leverage the capabilities of generative AI technology. Everyone at NetApp is empowered to explore new possibilities and to harness the full potential of generative AI for the benefit of our organization and our customers.

Think and act like owners

NetApp will take ownership of any potential unintended consequences that may arise from the use of generative AI and will address and mitigate any inadvertent negative effects, outcomes, or impacts of its use.

Care for each other and our community

In the use and deployment of generative AI technologies, we will demonstrate our commitment to care for each other and the community by prioritizing the well-being and rights of individuals. This care will help to ensure that our use of AI is not only beneficial but also respectful of the broader community's interests and values.

Build belonging every day

NetApp will use all generative AI-related technologies with transparency and rigorous accountability to the governance team. To mitigate bias, we will share information and encourage dialogue and feedback with and among our employees, encouraging them to contribute their perspectives and insights.

At NetApp, as we use generative AI technologies, we are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of integrity and accountability, working diligently to mitigate any potential risks associated with this transformative technology. By fostering a culture of ethical conduct and promoting responsible AI practices, we strive to build trust and confidence among our shareholders, customers, partners, and employees.

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