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Sustainable technology

: Serious sustainability. Better technology.

Extensive innovations are engrained into each NetApp product to help customers reach their sustainability goals while saving on costs from core to cloud.

A portfolio of solutions to help you today

NetApp has every tool you need to build a more sustainable data center. Through a balance of hardware innovation, infrastructure and data analytics, optimization, and cloud, NetApp customers are on their way to greener data management.

NetApp is building a cleaner future

We are committed to creating energy-efficient technologies that allow our customers to reduce their energy consumption, enabling them to reach their carbon footprint reduction goals. Sinec January 2022, this is an estimate based on hypothetical energy saved through ONTAP Storage Efficiency and ONTAP Hybrid Cloud Tiering, multiplied by a global average factor to translate energy usage to carbon emissions. This estimate is not a guarantee of current or future performance for NetApp customers, individually or in aggregate. For more information, please see (here)

    • Capacity saved (TiB)
    • kWh Energy saved
    • Tons of carbon emissions averted
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Explore the innovations

Find out how we help our customers reach their sustainability goals in their data and in accurate reporting. By achieving a balance of innovation and optimization, companies that partner with NetApp are able to become more sustainable.

Data analytics and stewardship

Store only the data you need in the most carbon-efficient location. Tools to help you automatically analyze data usage and value on-prem and in the cloud, and act on recommendations to reduce data.

BlueXP classification: Data classification

Analyze your entire data estate for true full-spectrum governance, regardless of location.

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ONTAP: Data management software for industry leading data reduction

To build a better hybrid cloud experience that reduces carbon emissions, a top priority should be data reduction. With industry-leading innovations, NetApp® ONTAP® data management software gives you guaranteed storage efficiency,*

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Understand infrastructure energy use and carbon emissions

Access science-based metrics and insights for storage and other IT resources, on-prem and in the cloud.

On-prem storage efficiency

Use the most sustainable on-prem storage possible. Take advantage of decades of storage innovation, serious commitment to sustainability, and guaranteed efficiency.

Machinery Room

Use cloud to your advantage

Move appropriate workloads and data to public cloud and keep driving sustainability. Take advantage of sustainability advances in your cloud(s) of choice; optimize automatically to reduce waste, cost, and emissions.

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Automatic data tiering

Save energy by tiering infrequently-used data to public cloud with zero impact to the application layer.

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NetApp: Serious about sustainability

We are committed to building a more sustainable future by reducing our global operational carbon footprint. Learn more about how we’re building a more sustainable business and see the goals and commitments we’ve made.

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