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Microsoft SQL Server solutions

Optimize operations and realize the power of your data — on the premises or in the cloud.

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Why NetApp for SQL

SQL Server that works for you? That works for us.

SQL Server database workloads running on NetApp® technology can help you grow your business, make actionable decisions faster, and deliver a consistent user experience on your premises and in the cloud.

Flexibility — on premises or in the cloud

Modernize your infrastructure to create flexibility for on-premises environments and hybrid clouds, now or in the future.

Run your SQL Server database with enterprise-grade storage capabilities on your choice of cloud.

Freely move data and resources to where they run best — flash, disk, and hybrid cloud.

Agility and automation

Deliver projects faster and derive greater value from your applications with accelerated dev/test cycles.

Enable faster deployment for your development projects with built-in automation.

Create and manage copies of your database to accelerate application development and reduce risk.

Protection and security

Safeguard and enable access to your data no matter where it resides or moves — across edge, core, and cloud.

Save costs and time with a single consistent toolset, including single-pane-of-glass, service level objective–based data protection, with automation at scale.

Automate the creation of new database environments to reduce risk.

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Accelerating business and achieving big returns.

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Shanghai PPDAI

Addresses new market challenges with NetApp Flash (PDF).

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Vital Energi

Powering nationwide energy savings.

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ONTAP test drive

See what true enterprise application protection for your data fabric looks like with ONTAP. Take an up-close look by test driving a hands-on lab today.

Don't just take our word for it, hear from industry experts

Read IDC’s analysis that shows how availability requirements on premises and in the cloud demand more than a resilient storage infrastructure.

IDC analysis

Optimizing Database Storage Performance for Dummies

Get the free “Optimizing Database Storage Performance for Dummies” eBook to learn how innovations in flash storage technology, converged infrastructures, and data management can boost performance.

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Expertise and services

Find the expertise and services you need to protect data across your hybrid-cloud infrastructure.

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Consult with an expert

Get strategic and design insights into your current disaster-recovery practices with actionable recommendations for improvement.

Architect your cloud

Build and implement a comprehensive cloud disaster-recovery solution. Be confident it will be up and running fast with full access to your business-critical data.

Operate and manage your cloud

Drive operational excellence and proactively address potential issues before they cause disruption.

Join the discussions

Explore issues and answers around NetApp storage solutions.

Dive into all things tech

Get the inside scoop on a variety of tech-related topics.

Mark your calendar

Browse events—live, online, and on demand—on the NetApp events calendar.

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Next steps

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Make your move

There couldn’t be a better time than right now for your digital transformation. And the smartest move you can make is to join forces with NetApp today.

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