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Virtual infrastructure management: Streamline, protect, deliver

Wouldn’t it be nice to manage your NetApp storage operations directly from VMware vCenter? Now you can. NetApp solutions help streamline your virtual infrastructure and protect your virtual workloads.

Why NetApp for virtual infrastructure management?

Comprehensive storage management directly from VMware vCenter

NetApp solutions for virtual infrastructure management integrate with VMware vCenter to provide end-to-end lifecycle management for virtual machines (VMs) in VMware environments that use NetApp storage systems. Visibility into the NetApp storage environment from within the vCenter console lets administrators easily perform tasks that improve both server and storage efficiency.

The NetApp® SolidFire® VMware vCenter plug-in helps you harness the capabilities of the SolidFire storage platform from within the vCenter environment. It delivers deep integration, end-to-end Quality of Service, automatic storage performance allocation, and simplified management.

NetApp Virtual Storage Console for VMware vSphere

Streamline your virtual infrastructure by integrating the industry-leading data management features of ONTAP® software into the vSphere interface.

vCenter plug-in for Element software

Protect your virtual workloads from interference throughout their lifecycle and define minimum storage performance thresholds from the vCenter interface.

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Storage controls

Deliver storage controls to the VM Administrator.

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Optimize I/O performance.

Control storage operations on a per-VM basis. Guarantee independent workload performance.

Boost efficiency.

Consolidate multiple performance-sensitive applications—without workload interference.

Respond faster.

Improve responsiveness with real-time discovery and reporting on storage health and usage.

From our customers

See how our customers are using NetApp storage for virtualization.

Protect your virtual environment

vSphere tools

Download your free vSphere tools.

Virtual Storage Console

Virtual Storage Console for ONTAP systems is available for download at no charge.

vCenter plug-in

The Element software vCenter plug-in is available for download at no charge.

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