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GumGum serves up targeted web content with AI smarts

Advertisers and brands spend big bucks to put their names online with just the right message. But pair the right advertisement with the wrong web page? You're going viral for all the wrong reasons.

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Managing spot instances smartly reduces costs by $500K

As a nimble, cloud-focused company, GumGum's success meant that its costs increased rapidly, in sync with the demands on their highly scalable infrastructure.

But demands are cyclical, because ad serving varies. In their largest data center, GumGum’s Ad Server application received around 4 million requests per minute at low traffic points.
For peaks, this number grew to over 18 million, requiring more than 130 AWS virtual machines to be provisioned.

To manage spot instances for both performance and cost, GumGum is using Elastigroup and Spot Ocean by NetApp to save big bucks on infrastructure costs while improving service delivery.

Spot by NetApp offers us a fully managed service that allows us to easily optimize our infrastructure cost, even in highly scalable environments.

Vaibhav Puranik, Head of Engineering, GumGum


Spot by NetApp® is saving GumGum $500K annually on infrastructure costs.

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