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Actualize MySQL databases in the cloud

Realize the full potential of your MySQL database deployment with the right cloud storage. Run workloads faster and improve efficiencies to achieve the performance and protection you need while reducing costs.

Why NetApp Cloud Volumes for MySQL databases?

Drive innovation and improve performance

NetApp® Cloud Volumes is purpose-built cloud storage for Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS to drive innovation and support mission-critical MySQL deployments in the cloud. With unmatched reliability and flexibility, your MySQL databases benefit from high-performance storage, data encryption, behind-the-scenes storage optimization, and noninterruptive Snapshot processes.

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Innovate faster

Achieve millisecond latency and 600MiB/s throughput on your choice of performance tiers while dynamically adjusting cost and performance.

Limitless scale

Replicate data across availability zones and benefit from guaranteed four 9s minimum uptime and available RPO=0 configurations.

Enterprise proven

Avoid the pain of downtime and the cost of data loss with guaranteed nine 9s data durability.

Consistent experience

Eliminate data backup and restoration delays and risks with space-efficient NetApp® Snapshot copies and available block-level replication.

Accelerate to the cloud

Migrate to the cloud without changing code. Accelerate application development and testing with efficient copy management.

Built-in intelligence

Shrink your costs with data management automation and cold data tiering for cloud storage savings of up to 70%.

Can cloud storage help MySQL database?

Databases are in a transition period. Analysts like Gartner are reporting that by 2022 nearly 75% of all databases will be deployed or migrated to the cloud. The largest open source database management system, MySQL, leads, with better than 30% market share. Whether your company is a startup, an independent software vendor, or a large corporation, choosing the right cloud storage for your MySQL database can make or break your cloud experience. MySQL databases require specific enterprise-grade feature sets to improve ROI and lower TCO.

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Get started on your choice of cloud

You can deploy MySQL by using leading shared file storage on your choice of cloud. NetApp offers a fully managed cloud storage service or a self-managed storage solution to simplify application deployment, accelerate performance, and improve uptime.

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Explore NetApp Cloud Services

Take advantage of cloud innovation with enterprise data service consistently delivered across your choice of cloud.

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