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NetApp BlueXP tiering

Expands primary storage capacity, lowers TCO

NetApp® BlueXP tiering automatically frees up flash storage capacity without impacting applications or workflows, providing you with complete control over managing data growth for your infrastructure.

Cold data management at its brainiest

BlueXP tiering manages your cold data at the right tier, at the right time, and according to your defined policies. Just like that, the savings are yours—from a single point-of-control.

Continuously free up valuable flash storage capacity so that there's always room for more data

NetApp BlueXP tiering delivers real savings on both storage footprint and operational costs and streamlines your hybrid multi cloud environment.

More storage for less cost

On average, BlueXP tiering lets you recapture 80% of available high-performance storage and lowers your storage TCO by up to 70%.

Set it and forget it

Deploy BlueXP tiering with zero application or workflow impact. Take the work out of data tiering and simplify your ITOps using predefined tiering policies or an intuitive customization wizard to automate routine procedures. Gain visibility to tiered cold data.

Extend resources

Free up high-performance storage capacity for critical workloads. Develop a data tiering strategy tailored to your needs. BlueXP tiering offers a simple first step to improving your hybrid multicloud infrastructure.

With BlueXP tiering, you have more capacity

Infrequently accessed/cold data blocks are discovered and moved
to lower-cost, object-based storage, which recaptures high-value primary storage capacity.

Step 1: Discover

Automatically discover your ONTAP® or Cloud Volumes ONTAP volumes and identify what data should be tiered. Create or connect to the object storage service of your choice.

Step 2: Tier

Set your tiering destination and define your tiering policies. Your tiered data is stored in the object storage of your choice. BlueXP tiering provides recommended tiering actions for additional savings.

Step 3: Manage

Manage, monitor, and adjust policies to better suit your needs.

Continuously free up valuable primary storage capacity

NetApp BlueXP tiering automatically moves infrequently accessed data to object storage on-premises or in the cloud, delivering real savings to the storage TCO.

Integrated data analysis

Ongoing analysis instantly identifies just how much of your data is aged or infrequently accessed, reporting how much capacity can be recaptured.

Tiering based on your requirements

Select from predefined policies or customize to meet your needs. An intuitive wizard lets you create destination volumes, find data movement efficiencies, and automate scheduling—all with point-and-click simplicity. AI-analytics delivers ML-based recommended tiering actions for additional savings with wizard-based activation.

Your savings, your dashboard

Your tiering dashboard includes real-time reporting on data optimization, actual savings, and actionable recommendations to further increase savings.

Unified tiering management

Get a single point of access from a unified interface that provides a comprehensive view of all tiered instances and environments. NetApp BlueXP tiering requires no software to install or hardware to manage.

See for yourself.

NetApp customers found the answers to meet their economic, IT simplification, and infrastructure management needs with BlueXP tiering. See what they’re saying—then calculate the savings for yourself.

Connecting the on-prem device to object storage on AWS allows us to not only save money but also scale our on-prem environments.

Marcus Masching, Head of IT Computing Services, Festo

We have over 130 scientists doing ongoing research on missions that impact everything from climate change to solar physics and all sorts of amazing things. The NetApp solution allows them to more easily collaborate and be much, much more effective.

Alex Green, IT systems architect, Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics, CU Boulder

Object storage is a viable option for many use cases and worth going for it. All you need is talking to your personal contact at SVA.

Andreas Müller, Product Manager Managed Cloud Services, SVA

For me, NetApp benefits are data management, ease of use, and support. Active IQ is brilliant. I have never seen a vendor with such proactive support.

Director for Data Center and Managed Services, European Media Company

Your choice of cloud

Review our documentation to learn how to tier cold data to your choice of cloud object storage.

BlueXP: Unify hybrid multicloud management

BlueXP delivers a unified experience for storage and data services across on-premises and cloud environments. Its intuitive UI, AIOps-powered insights and automation, flexible consumption parameters, and integrated protection provide the operational simplicity and security required for today’s hybrid multicloud world.

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