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BlueXP Disaster Recovery

NetApp® BlueXP disaster recovery is a DR-as-a-Service offering that delivers simple, low-cost integrated disaster protection service for your VMware workloads from your on-premises to on-premises ONTAP environments or to VMware Cloud and Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP. It features intuitive, guided disaster recovery failover/fallback workflows.

Simplicity with high confidence

NetApp is unique in providing a SaaS-based disaster recovery solution using proven SnapMirror technology, to significantly lower both cost and complexity. There is no need to acquire and deploy expensive alternative infrastructure. Recovery of applications is simplified with orchestration and virtual failover testing to provide failover success assurance without disruption.


Minimize the amount of data that passes between systems with SnapMirror de-duplication, compression, and compaction. This solution slashes both cost and system overhead.


The SnapMirror approach has helped thousands of customers, delivering the tightest RTO and RPO in the industry -- allowing high confidence in both recovery and time windows.


The intuitive BlueXP SaaS-delivered control plane offers simplified deployment and easy-to-implement templates that span on-premises and cloud environments.

Lower Cost

Customers don’t have to provision dedicated, alternative infrastructure in a secondary location. And industry-leading block-level, incremental-forever technology keeps bandwidth resource requirements low.

Use Cases

Guided Demo

Experience yourself how easy it is to test your failover plan and to perform an actual failover and failback.

WWT is both a NetApp partner and customer. As a customer we leverage BlueXP Disaster Recovery inside of our Advanced Technology Center (ATC). Through the inherent technologies built inside NetApp ONTAP, BlueXP Disaster Recovery significantly simplified the process of replication for VMware VMs and the underlying datastores to meet near zero RPO and RTO.

Derek Elbert , Solutions Architect , WWT

Clean failover into identical environment

  • Identical VMware environment at recovery target means less disruption when disaster strikes. Same runbooks, same processes. 
  • Recovery of applications is simplified with orchestration and virtual failover testing that provides failover success without disruption. 
  • There's no need to acquire and deploy expensive alternative infrastructure.

Proven SnapMirror technology

  • BlueXP disaster recovery uses ONTAP SnapMirror technology, providing highly efficient replication while preserving the ONTAP incremental-forever Snapshot efficiencies.
  • SnapMirror replication ensures that application- consistent Snapshot copies are always in sync, so your data is usable immediately after a failover.

Build confidence with non-disruptive drills

  • Non-disruptive DR failover/fallback testing enables greater preparedness without affecting production resources or availability.
  • Easily fail over in the event of disaster.
  • Monitor active disaster recovery operations.

Light Board Video

Watch this light board video to learn about the BlueXP disaster recovery architecture and how the product works to deliver simple low-cost disaster recovery for you VMware workloads.

BlueXP: Unify hybrid multicloud management

BlueXP delivers a unified experience for storage and data services across on-premises and cloud environments.

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