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Six Reasons Why Spot by NetApp is Better Together

Anthony Lye
Anthony Lye

With the Spot acquisition, NetApp will offer the only solution that combines analytics & automation to continuously optimize the cloud infrastructure. I am thrilled to announce today we closed the Spot acquisition! 

Together we are Spot by NetApp. We will offer the only solution that combines analytics, guidance and automation to continuously optimize the cloud infrastructure for every application.

  1. We don’t just show you information, we use advanced analytics to show you what matters and what to do.
  2. We don’t stop at providing that guidance, we use data-driven automation to implement those recommendations.
  3. We don’t just provide a static recommendation or static automation, we constantly monitor, analyze and adapt to continuously optimize based on real-time and predicted resource needs and infrastructure conditions.
  4. We have deep expertise in storage and compute in the cloud with enterprise and cloud-native customers:
    • Storage software knowledge and experience from more than 30,000 on-premises customers
    • Cloud compute optimization software trusted by over 1,000 cloud-native and enterprise customers including: 
      • Ticketmaster:  leading live entertainment company reduced cloud compute costs by 65% while enabling and accelerating deployment of cloud-native applications using Kubernetes
      • Chegg: leader in learning solutions reduced cloud compute costs by 70% while ensuring that their cloud infrastructure met their SLAs
      • Zalando: leading European online retailer ensured scalability and availability for the product data applications used by 200 development teams using 300 AWS accounts while reducing cloud costs
  5. Our insights are based on years of data and analytics about cloud resources and workload needs.
  6. Only NetApp has built strong partnerships with Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS so that our customers can get the most from their cloud of choice.
For years, the process to align infrastructure and applications has been complex and cumbersome. With application-driven infrastructure, you can reduce costs by up to 90% on cloud compute and storage infrastructure while maintaining SLAs and SLOs. Your application teams can shorten development lifecycles and deliver the innovation your business needs.

This is a dream opportunity for us, and we couldn’t be more excited to roll up our sleeves and tell the world what Spot by NetApp means for customers. You can learn more at or you can sign up for a free trial here.

Anthony Lye

Anthony Lye is executive vice president and general manager of the Public Cloud Services business for NetApp. He is responsible for the strategy and execution to further NetApp’s cloud innovation across public cloud, hybrid cloud, and hyperscaler models and to establish the company as the undisputed leader in managing data in a cloud-integrated world.

Anthony brings more than 25 years of diverse leadership experience to NetApp, spanning roles in development, product management, marketing and sales, and as a high-tech CEO twice. He has focused primarily on cloud innovation for the past 15 years, most recently as the executive vice president and chief cloud officer at Guidewire Software, and at Oracle where he was the senior vice president and general manager of CRM. His background includes leading teams worldwide and hands-on experience building applications and platforms working directly with the developer community.

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