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The AFF A150 system gives entry-level flash new meaning

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Jamie Wheeler

We’ve all seen the oblivious job requisition with wildly misaligned expectations—you know, the entry-level job posting with something like the following:

Role and responsibilities:

  • Weekly presentations to C-level executives
  • Manage 50 direct reports
  • Negotiate contracts in excess of $50 million

Preferred qualifications:

  • 10 years of experience
  • PhD in astrophysics
  • Certified genius

It definitely would be nice to get PhD credentials for an entry-level price. At NetApp, we thought the same thing, and now you can get an industry-leading storage experience at an entry-level price with the NetApp® AFF A150 system.

Increased performance, scalability, and availability

The qualifications of the AFF A150 all-flash array far exceed its “entry-level” title. The AFF A150, a refresh of the NetApp AFF C190 system, delivers up to a 40% performance increase over its predecessor, making it a compelling entry-level flash option for you.

In addition to the performance improvement, the AFF A150 system gives you more scalability and expansion options by including support for three different drive sizes. With 24 internal drives, plus two expansion shelves and a 24-node cluster, this array gives your storage a maximum effective capacity of 26PB.* The flexibility of the AFF A150 system makes it a versatile solution that you can tailor to meet your needs.

With support for NetApp MetroCluster IP, the AFF A150 system provides business continuity across your sites. You can easily manage and protect your data in disaster recovery scenarios. With MetroCluster, you can be confident that your critical data remains available.

Enhanced predictability and adaptability

The AFF A150 array is also eligible for NetApp Advance, our new storage ownership experience that gives your storage system enhanced predictability and adaptability. NetApp Advance includes these components:

  • Storage Lifecycle Program. Streamline the tech refresh experience and future-proof your investment.
  • Cloud Advantage. Swap your on-premises controller refresh for cloud services or hybrid cloud storage as a service with the NetApp Keystone® portfolio.
  • Storage Efficiency Guarantee. We guarantee that if our products don’t meet your workload efficiency goals, we’ll make it right at no cost to you.

Industry-leading data management with ONTAP

This addition to the AFF A-Series wouldn’t be complete without the only single, unified data management system on the market, NetApp ONTAP® software. ONTAP excels in managing file, block, and object storage that runs on performance flash (NetApp AFF A-Series), capacity flash (NetApp AFF C-Series), and hybrid flash (NetApp FAS). With ONTAP, you get a seamless data management experience, and it’s feature-rich to cover all your bases:

  • Protect your business from ransomware attacks.
  • Meet strict performance and availability requirements.
  • Easily adapt and scale to support your future storage needs.
  • Simplify and automate your organization’s day-to-day activities.

Raise your expectations but not your costs

With the AFF A150 array, you get a powerful, cost-effective flash storage solution with a breadth of data management capabilities. The performance increase, scalable expansion options, MetroCluster support, and data management capabilities make it a comprehensive data storage system—all at a competitive price point.

So go ahead, expect high-level qualifications from an entry-level storage system. Check out the entire lineup of AFF systems and find your flash today.

* Unreleased product plans may change.

Jamie Wheeler

Jamie is a product marketing manager for NetApp’s on-prem portfolio including FAS hybrid arrays and AFF all-flash systems. Previously, Jamie spent time developing go-to-market strategies for NetApp’s professional services solutions. When not in the office, you can find him hiking, biking, and enjoying time with family.

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